Flyer Hard Rejection. Please Tell me.

Hi @Creative9598

My flyer also was hard rejected because same other category in graphicriver.

You need make unique design in flyer will approved graphicriver,

I invite you my friend @n2n44 he is author and graphic designer more 17 years I hope he will help you solved flyer :slight_smile:


Thanks Bro

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I am women, no say me bro, you say me SISTER :slight_smile:

ohh sorry…and please suggest me for model i have used in my flyer, is this good or bad

hi for me u have a collection of issues about this one

1- global style
let’;s face it , there is much more than a deja vu feeling about this item , there are plenty of item more or less in the same style and some authors create thousands of this, so basically u have to bring something really personal into the mix so that there is a reason for reviewers to potentially accept the item …

2- title
if u what u have here is globally tastefully done, the thins that the main title may not be appropriate for all purposes maybe all guys would not have such a short name, not to mention that there is another issue with titles , see point 3

3- contrast
quite frankly “live is hard to read” and this is bringing other issues to the table …

4- hierarchy
look , due to the lack of contrast, one of the main titles is hardly visible and definitely not popping out as expected

5- text disposition
for me there is not much sense into spreading the canvas like this i identify that what u have is following the z-shape reading process but this is also , on the other hand, not super logical as far as placing and valuing the club name is all about, not to mention that the way u placed it and the lack of possibility to give it a bigger size basically does not allow u to make it pop out and get noticed as it should be, the problem is that the name of the club is essential an information and most of the club owners will be likely to have it easy to identify and valued , whether we talk about a live resident dj performance or a club where the guy is simply occasionally appearing indeed

5- coherence
i have trouble to figure out, even if this a detail, why having “david” and having two male models … it looks strange in my opinion

6- misbalance
u have a slight misbalance between the central axis and the sideways of the flyer , especially as u are emphasizing it by introducing the other info on both top left and right sides