Second rejected flyer, still dont know why 🤣

Hello, I just got another rejection, I still have no idea why, I will add that before sending the product I checked it carefully with envato guidelines and with another author’s product, I still have no idea what’s going on, maybe you can help?


@n2n44 Check this and help him.

In my opinion, it’s again your Freaky text. :rofl: However, your Freaky font doesn’t match. You could use gobold or kenyan coffe. And size should be larger.

hi for me the main reason for the rejection is the global organization and text organization, too … u cannot “butter” texts everywhere u feel like putting them - according to your convenience - if u understand how eyes are working and what the reading process implies … this is what we call z-shape reading … this explain the way eyes sweep across any document in the process of reading. This process is particularly important as this is implying impact zones as well … the problem is , accordingly , that u have no really essential info in the concerned areas … the central text should be in the very center of the canvas indeed, in other words, upper and a bit more over the model’s arms …
besides, about the model. i am not sure that choosing what seems to be a nude model is a very good choice by the way when u know how all platforms, social networks and so on are working. There is also an issue when it comes to the club name, the size of this text is not adequate according to its very importance for branding matters. The positioning is also widespread, though this is not really right when it comes to making sense (i explained this with the z-shape reading process …).
Also, as mentioned by @pexelart the font font combination in the title is not the best one that u could have been dreaming of as regarding to diverging styles … a very squared one and a very rounded one … by the way, in terms of hierarchy the changing color of the second part of the central titles make not much sense since “sunday” rather appears as a secondary information more than any other thing, when this is not , this is part of THE main element of the flyer. The qr code looks randomly placed too as not only this is looking not aligned at all but u do not maximize the space and global architecture of the flyer … (why not trying in the top right corner , at least this would imbricate quite well …). All the dj data is getting u not trouble as this is appears as alignment and spacing issues more than any other thing in the end. i am not sure what tunora is supposed to be all about, but if this turns out to be sort of a logo as i am imagining, the placement is definitely not the right one for the brand to be noticed, remembered and given the right impact, pls refer to z-shape reading process and related impact zones (top left, very center of the canvas and bottom right area). Finally u have a misbalance in terms of use of the global space between the sideways and especially the mid section of both sides which are rather empty indeed and the central axis which is far more crammed , on the contrary …

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Thank you for a very comprehensive answer, I will analyze everything and apply it in the next project, best regards.

this is up to u but as for i could witness all the people who say just this end up posting here again after doing exactly the same mistakes , but this is up to u , i just share experience … good work and good luck :slight_smile: (if u have enough clues about what to do pls check the solution box)

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