Flyer Rejection

Why my flyer was rejected.Please suggest me.

With respect there is quite a bit of work to be done

  • The dimensions seem a little odd for a flyer

  • The typography needs work throughout especially in terms of hierarchy and styling

  • The content top left/right feels lost and displaced

  • ‘Club presents’ is an odd title to have to the right

  • Date probably belongs down the bottom

  • Lack of typographic styling in the bottom content makes it very hard to read

hi indeed u have many problems to face

1- title
sorry to tell u juts how i feel but as such this is not working … the fact of the matter is that not part are supposed to be important and outstanding and that only “club” is prevailing and this is really not much coherent to say the least

2- readability
still as for as the central title goes , the "night as such is hardly readable and the problem is that this is a central part, which basically amount to saying that somehow some way the whole flyer is unuseful as such …

3- hierarchy
this is slightly once again with the discrepancy in the central title but not only indeed the rest is simply super flat, all the same i might add and the fact of the matter is that people cannot easily make the difference between major and essential information in one side and really secondary one in the other side …

4- model
sorry to say this but the picture is ugly , yellowish, not attractive and the posture of the model not really cool either , this is not selling and i assume that what u have done would be better without than with …

5- back picture
i think that this is a problem to have a stage like this where we can see individuals, i think u will have right issues …

6- global style
to be honest , if u ask me, the global style is too minimalistic …
why would anyone buy this kind of wok? as for me i do not know , this amounts to put some text on top of a crowd picture more or less , as pls , correct me if i am wrong but u did not do stage light effects by yourself, right?

7- organization
well what u have here is not taking the z-shape reading process into account … the way u organized text is making less sense and in addition all sideway information is really not aligned well , not outstanding, not optimizing the space on the canvas …

8- typo
apart from the central title combination , which is a bit original, all the rest is cruelly lacking originality and variations as well as font combinations … here typo is a very important issue and u are far from standards for that matter …

9- plus
i think that u should introduce at least a line where people are supposed to put a website … and organize the space taking this concerned line into account …

ok…Thanks for your suggestion…Sir please tell me one more thing that from which site i found the best models images with royalty free.