Why my flyer get hard rejection? Please suggest me.

hi this is rather nice but there are thousands of such things in the marketplace already, unlike what official emailings from envato would mention … there are some guys producing tons of such items and developed portfolio of almost 4K items or over 2,5K products … in addition, u have different kind of problems to deal with … posting one by one would have helped … but as u did not do , i will detail one by one despite not convenient as this is here …

first one
texts maybe appreciated like this but vertical texts like this are a pretty bad idea when it comes to reading … normally , in normal circumstances, this technique is only used for embarrassing legal mentions so that people can say that they had put it regardless of the fact people read it or not … putting a website this way makes no sense at all unless u could not careless that people can read it, so why putting it if so? (i know no company that would not have their website to be visible nowadays)
the header text is too small, it looks like that u did not keep in mind that this is the name of the club u put out there are that this is important
this takes me to tel u that doing such a thing make u break the coherence and the hierarchy of the item … a company or a club want their named to be seen, remembered and popping out, this is what branding is all about. Putting the name of DJS, make dis prevail over the club , which looks very unlikely to say the least , i would rather qualify this as incoherent to be perfectly honest …
the footer is too compact, too close from the bottom edge globally not super readable due to chosen colors , not to mention that this is not bringing anything graphically speaking, not in terms of originality
last but not least having saturday like this with nothing following looks quite strange to say the least , until people cannot identify what the event is all about

second one
indeed, the main title is in colors that are coming out of the blue and that either are making no sense , break the harmony but also are not really aesthetic to say the least
the disposition of too many frames with information inside is not a super good idea , as they are not even well placed and rather create a disblance of the lay out. U have the incoherent thing of having not two times a place where to put the name but once this is named and the other is not … not to mention that , worse again, in both cases , none of the placement is satisfying and giving the club name the proper attention that it deserves … te vertical text is so very small that this is quite difficult to read or even impossible and the placement is definitely killing readability for good …
u also have a disconnection of the central axis being close to very crammed and way emptier sideways
there is very little contrast for the text in the pink bullet choosing the white color would have ensured more readability, more outstanding information