Hard rejected flyer ,Please feedback

What is wrong?
What matters to stop working?
What have worked?
(I’m sorry for my english)

Please learn more about designing…

The text is probably the main thing that is letting you down.

But good design.


where from learn more about designing…

Cred ca trebuie sa schimbi fontul… Frumos design.

All font ?
Including the bottom with details?

In my opinion, Great design !!! but to much ‘noise’ in your design (maybe that’s why you call it dub noise … just kidding) which make hard for me to locate and read the information you want to deliver.

Maybe by adding more portion on the text / information and make it slightly bigger will help.

Success to you

Hi jndeed , there are a variety of reasons for this rejection , if u ask me. First, as @tmcom / Shane mentioned u really need to have an extra effort about typo and typo combination , this is still one of the major reasons for rejections here and still the main focus for people here … . I would even add that u need to pay a particular attention when it cones to titles , the combination doesn’t harmonious in my view. In addition, let’s face it, all your texts are not popping out enough , they are even a bit hard to read , when, as u can possibly imagine a potential buyer will try to underline much the information. The combination of colors may not be the best too , u end up with red green and yellow when this is not a reggae item, so this is not a good idea. In fact as u probably already know green and red are not matching that well and many people think that the same goes with yellow and red (but for this is one this can be discussed indeed). I also personally consider that the whole flyer is a bit empty and that it would take more work in the background to take it the next level , i would recommend that u try to anneals what one of the kings of this style is doing with his items (@styleWish) and u will se what is the direction where u have to take this creation indeed. This is always a really smart move than trying to get inspired from really good designers in every category … i wish u good luck in reworking and having your item approved to be on sale here :slight_smile: