My flyer item is rejected why?

Your flyer is cramped. You didn’t pay attention on hierarchy. There are tons of similar flyer out there. Lack of creativity.

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hi for me, the main problem with this one is the fact that the header is really lacking breathing and that logo and “description” are given no space , thus no impact , and that they re ultimately not springing out in the end … this makes besides rather little sense when it comes to branding and advertising purposes. Things should be clearly identified, rather than “stuck” in … To be honest the global style is very crammed … this is super busy all page long, but still have a discrepancy feeling being generated by the fact that header and footer are even worst

i am not sure that u necessarily needed to introduce this black color, as a dark blue would have been matching way more , generally speaking and that would have prevented u into getting to combine risky associations, like dark blue and black, which is usually not welcome indeed …

pls pay attention to bringing the required contrast everywhere this is required , sometimes, u are on the verge of violating the basic design principle (definitely very close in the green variation / version, that rather ruins your item preview rather than any other thing, so is this worth placing it ?). Still about basic design principles , indeed, repetition is good, but until a certain point and having a column of icons was cool, the big one, i mean , but introducing some additional ones where there is little space is not doing any favor and contributes highly to making the whole design look crammed as mentioned previously …

the fake logo is definitely not what i would call “inspired” or “bringing your design to the next level” indeed, u should invest some time to work in a decent thing that looks professional and makes the item look better rather than flatter , if u know what i mean …

Thank you so much.

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u are welcome , if u have enough clues of what to do with the item , pls check the solution box :slight_smile: good work and good luck :slight_smile:

I have no option to upload graphics design files from my ID, why?

Probably you got many rejections and you upload rights was revoked.