My This Item Is Rejected I don’t Know why My Item Was Rejected.

hi buddy well the main problem here is that there is absolutely nothing new whatsoever here and that u can find such item for free download sometimes in the internet too … so basically there is nothing justifying accepting the item in the first place, if u ask me … Let me get a little more in details now, if u do not mind. The first thing is that the global disposition, color combinations, typo, shapes, icons , and style inspires more than a deja vu feeling to say the least (and the thing gets worse again when u put them all in one environment, if u wish. Actually, there are tons of such items already in the catalogue of products and people from the staff probably feel like they have a subsequent range of such products right now unless people can bring something fresh to the table, what u do not have at the moment. This is your mission to be find out what this extra value can be all about and materialize not through your flyer. In addition, some things look like spacing issues indeed and this is not a good idea as this is a basic design principle, in particular in the lower section of the flyer. Pls keep in mind that this is both a template and a corporate item and for that matter u are really really expected to arrange things 1000% properly and professionally. To make sure u do , by the way , u can modulate the content according to your willing. Otherwise, the typo part is clean but this is rather flat and I would even say lifeless , not to mention clearly not original in any way. The use of italic makes the flyer look older than any other thing if u ask me. There is also a slight lack of breathing in my view between the upper margin and the header and between the footer and the lower margin, giving the two zones a bit more space would be synonymous with more impact and more breathing of the content in the end


Thank you so much

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u are welcome, if u have enough clues as regard to what to do pls check the solution box :slight_smile:

Where Solution box

hi there is a squared icon right next to the reply and so on …

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