Item Rejected!! Need Help.

Hello, after a couple of years I just started working again. but got the legendary rejection again… Can you please suggest me or help me to find out the problems…

The reason is this did not meet the quality standard of Graphicriver.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hello, First of all your text is believers and NOT belivers. 2nd there is no catchy title for the flyer ( hierarchy )and 3rd the text is very hard to read. Black on blue is a bad combination. Good luck


Thanks… I will work on it. :slight_smile:

hi for me the major problem is that this is in the style of thousands of items … I know that here this style is valued over all the others - I still fail to understand why - but in the end, what it means is that there is much more than a deja vu feeling with what u have here , besides, one was approved recently with exactly the same grunge brush effect … Apart from that, u have a very big issue of text overload I would say. It looks like that u have put all the text that u could to fulfill the gaps so to speak, the result is that this is looking bulky, concerned texts are quite difficult to read and there is no breathing at all in some areas as u have generated a disharmony in occupation of the global space and the whole canvas. I assume that the worse is for the footer area that looks absolutely crammed to say the least. If u posted in the print category by the way this raises another problems as far as trimline and safety zones are concerned , since at the very minimum the lower part of footer text will be situated in an area where there is not supposed to be any information or important element … let’s face it u are also at the very minimum on the verge of violating the contrast basic design - if we do not want to say that u already do - with the black texts on the blue that definitely do not spring out and that turn out to be difficult to read. Let’s face it, messing with this basic design principle is really not a good idea at all, as this is bringing u to be confronted with additional troubles when it comes to either impact , hierarchy and readability. The changing colors in a same level or category of text also make no sense if u ask me. Mistypings and other things like this definitely do not make your work look super professional, so that u have to pay a real attention about this … (u have several of them , not only “believers”,saturday is misspelled too, for instance). I also believe that typo wise, this is not working super well. I have no idea why only one word is in this font that u used for “believers” and the bottom line is that u has trouble to handle it so that u ended up putting it over the text just above that got hard to reading the process … Otherwise, combinations are not matching super well and remain rather common and flat. The positioning of the model bring more misalignment than any other thing to the table and fails to make the guy look outstanding. Bring it up and make it a bigger, it will look better. the social media thing was given no space , no attention, only the positioning is ok in the end … if u keep not this size and where this cannot breathe at all like this, u may wander if this is worth the drive keeping it , since this looks like a tertiary typo of info at the very least

Hey n2n44, see you after a long time. Thanks for the detailed and honest review. I appreciate it. I have made two versions RGB and CMYK. The preview images I used are from RGB(Web purpose) version. So bleeding and safe area may not be the problem. Yes, typo is the problem, I just rushed to upload the file. That is the mistake. I should review it several times. I have noted all the points and will work on them. After 3+ years I am working for GR… :slight_smile:

bleedings maybe safe but this does not change that the concerned space is still supposed not to have anything inside so that all elements can breathe as I mentioned , this will give more impact to your item indeed. For what u mentioned I always recommend this … just do your thing, keep it once u think u have finished, then come back the following day and take a deeper look at what u did , it will make you see the thing potentially from another perspective and enable u to get to see what u could fail to do perfectly enough … anyways, if u have enough clues as regard to what to do pls check the solution box , good work and good luck buddy :slight_smile: