Party Flyer Rejected

Hi guys! Could you help me please? My party flyer was rejected today but I don’t know why… Could you please view my party flyer design and try to explain me what’s wrong with it?
Thank you so much!

Maybe the reason is your main concept / idea with bubbles looks unrealistic? I mean your bubbles looks like flat rounds. I think you should re-create it and re-submit once again :wink:

Do you think I have to update the bubbles layers or I have to start it again from the beginning?

Oops I forgot to thank you for your reply! :smile:

Thanks, but it’s not necessary to like my post :slight_smile: I think you should start with bubbles first, to make it more realistic and another thing that needs rework (IMHO) is title on black gradient at the bottom. Maybe it’s better to make it more legible, contrasty if you get me :grinning: Before submitting you may post it on the forum to get some more proper feedbacks :wink:

Yes, l agree with Feels…, way to simple, just add some more details to virtually everything and you will have a better chance.

And all text should be left indexed, making the bottom left side text right indexed is pushing the rules, and at least get a soft rejection.

It has good bones, but needs a lot more detail.

Good luck.


hi , i personally do agree with comments in a general way, your buddies do not look realistic enough (what kind be a style also , that’s not a reason for rejection in my view) but the probably is that in the meanwhile, they do not look good enough either. try to think about it, there are already some other guys with flyer in sort of a bit the same style as this one and they probably offer higher quality visually , so basically this is pushing quality control teams to approve your item. I believe that u need to put a bit more effort on the whole flyer visually speaking, especially when it comes to bubbles so that it looks not only ok, but really good or great … . Then , your choice of fonts is maybe a bit too siple for envato ,a s theyr are much into font and font associations … . Other guys were also right , u need to have more contrast with the main title, it must spring out much more , as this is also how u’ll have more hierarchy in the information of the document. If i were u , i would bring the whole creation up slightly too, as u have a big free space on top and really small one in the back, which basically seems to make it look lacking balance indeed. In fact that they may look high changes to brings but this is not so complicated and i think that if u fix, then it should be ok :wink: good luck buddy :wink:

hi Shane for me, this is not so much of a big deal, i think that u can have the ext justified on the left on the left side and vice vera for the right one, besides u can see that on some documents such as business cards but maybe be he should make sure that everythign springs out a bit more … . On the other end, we can legitimately wander if he would not be better for him to have just only one block centered / justified in the middle

Ok, Nico, but l read somewhere that Envato likes left indexing, as it is easier to read?


Shane, in this case, they must be very sad because most of flyers have footers justified in the middle and i guess that there are some reasons for that … i also sometimes consider that envato is pushing people to do some things ( like having font based only items, which also killing creativity too) and that some times there are no legitimate reasons for that (they believe in some things this is their right but this is designers right to think other ways, we are professionals … not pupils) and that even sometimes, they are somehow some way killing originality , when they are supposed to promote creativity and having people doing original things for them …

Arr, no Nico, l don’t mean left index a block of text, but they are not crazy about having some text, with the next line below that aligned with the last letter of the previous word.

So having dog-breakfast and them cat with the t directly below the t on Breakfast.

Not sure if they allow it or not but it is a risky move!

:ghost: :sunglasses:

oh ok Shane , sorry i failed to understand properly in the first place i think

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Thank you all guys for your answers!