My item was rejected

Whats wrong with this design?

Everything is wrong! Basically there is no design in your flyer.

  • Typography - Your fonts combination is terrible
  • Hierarchy - You have no hierarchy looks like you placed the elements with eyes closed
  • Spacing and alignments - It’s a chaos. Use the guides and grid. Elements are too close to margins.
  • Colors - I don’t understand based on what you choose the colors
  • Readability - It is hard to read light font on yellow
  • Concept - No concept
  • Icons - OMG! Every icon is different style.
  • Style - Your style is far away from what it is required nowadays to get approved

Ok Bro, thats enough, Dont embarrass me! :sweat_smile:
Even my teachers didnt give me such remarks :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Any suggestions on how can I improve my Graphic Designing Skills?

My advice is to start from scratch. Attending to a design class in your country it’s a must. This will help you to understand the rules an principles in graphic design. Without the basics you can do nothing.Take it step by step from the beginning. Random learning from tutorials over the internet will help you only after you know the basics. This is a very long and time consuming process but is you like to improve your skills and become a graphic designer you can do it.


Idk about that, I wouldn’t say a design class is necessary, but lots of practice is a must.

Don’t try to sell everything you do. You should only be uploading to a marketplace like this once you’re confident that you’re on a professional level.

If you’re truly invested in learning more about design, try to make something new at least once a day that you’re interested in. If you’re not quite sure how to achieve something, then look it up. If you like making flyers, just make a whole bunch of them, post them on free portfolio site such as DeviantArt, Dribbble, Behance, etc. You may get some feedback from those, but also, the more you do, the greater your understanding of how to do them.


Thanks Guys

hi , i do not want to be too harsh with u, but on the other hand i do not want to lie and for this , i have to tell u the ugly truth … the flyer is miles away from required standards and to be perfectly honest this really looks like the work of a very beginner … i am trying to think about something positive that u could lay on but , sincerely enough , i do not see any , apart, maybe the choice of the model … (which is meant to be taken away from the main file …) i guess that says a lot as regard to what is the thing with your item at this stage …
i even have a bit trouble to get to know what to start with … ok, so …
1- general style
sorry to say just this but u have no design at all this far … the whole flyer is made of a cityscape , texts, icons spread spasmodically, and a model just for previewing matters … in other words, people would not understand what they pay for , next see point 2
2- low commercial potential
indeed, as there is close to nothing here , well indeed, i see no reason for any customer whatsoever to buy such an item and for any reviewer to approve it , too …
3- text dispotioning and impact zones
it seems obvious to me that u have never ever heard about z-shape reading process , in other words, the way the eye is sweeping across th document in an attempt to read contents … (from top left to top rights, slanted way down bottom left to end up in the bottom right part actually … all this with a focus point in the middle of the page). U have to position texts , logos and important information accordingly …
4- logo positioning
this is too close from left and top margins, this is not breaking and thus the logo is given no impact indeed …
5- logo
pls take some time to try to come up with a professionally designed fake logo that will take your game to the next level rather than messing it …
6- color combinations
pls think about complementary colors, about shades of the same colors and theme code colors, they re a safe choice … especially to increase impact and decrease the harmony killing pairings …
7- icons
they are too flat … they bring nothing to the table graphic design wise, they are badly placed and not given the right impact and attention plus see point 8
8- trademark logos
u are not expected to use brands logos … , line facebook of whatever , this is not done …
9- contrast
many elements are definitely not popping out t say the least and indeed, to be more accurate , u are violating a basic design principle, namely: contrast, this is definitely not a good idea as this is taking u into facing further problems in a snowball effect … see points 10 and 11
10- readability
between the too thin texts, contrast lacking and colors badly chosen, the bottom line is that a lot gf texts and elements are not given the proper attention and sometimes are close to invisible or unreadable …
11- hierarchy of information
u are normally expected to have q couple of several levels , in your case this looks very confusing as it looks like that no text belongs to the same level and that each is on his own lol the problem is that this is ending uo in a mess visually …
12- typo
the typo is really super basic and definitely not helping u catch the attention of potential customers or readers … ether are no levels of hierarchy , no variations, no font combinations, no touches of originality , all is very monolithic to say the least …
13- spacing
to tell u whats on my mind , i have no idea how u have arranged things the gaps between almost all te lines seem to differ when ether should be a logics of block and content and that the logic should be followed form one side to the other …
14- alignment
just like contrast , this is a basic design principle , violating it is clearly not a good idea as this is will lead u into offering items which do not look professional … stick to controlling that every block is aligned properly and so on, anytime u create something …
15- margins and possibly cut items or texts
think about trim lines, as it is right now, this looks like that some icons and text will be cut once the document is printed …
16- choking
this lis linked to point 15, if u do not introduce some space between contents and margins, the elements will lose impact and a “crammed effect” will also come out of it …
17- disposition
well the elements look spread everywhere without any logical reasoning and eyes get lost in their quest for info, look at point 18
18- buttering and harmony
the consequences of the buttering of texts and elements that u have here is that nothing is seen, nothing is popping out or having any impact whatsoever and the organization looks like a mess … and this will end up making people give up trying to get in deeper details … the one glance , trash bound effect so to speak lol