Some feedback for my flyer

Hello guys I’m back again, just want some feedback on this flyer design.

Kind regards

Your flyer has no concept and looks dull. Also you have some issues with alignments and spacing, readability and hierarchy.


hi indeed i guess this is not being harsh or overstating to say that there are tons of such items at this stage and i guess that this is what we can identify as the major problems with what u have here , in such a saturated market concept … the fact of the matter is that people will expect u to offer something different and / or new. This is one of the main interests. Apart from this , except that there s no real identify transpiring from this flyer, i canot say that the item is really bad. But, on the other hand, u have some things that u should better fix all the same First of all, nothing is springing out much, especially not the name of the company (the hierarchy is rather weak). And, as well u are coin the verge of violating the contrast basic design principle with a few texts, i guess that giving them some boldness would help to make them spring out of the background and make them more readable indeed

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