Flyer Feedback

Lately I’ve been practicing with flyer design and I’m really trying to get better at it. Just looking at the cool ones that are around the market makes me want to create my owns.
Here’s one I’ve been working on lately, please tell me what you think and what I can Improve.
(Just looking at it makes me think I added too many lights to the text and the bottom part seems too flat.)

hi indeed u have a real issue of spacing in this one indeed, plus additional sorts of things to fix as regard to hierarchy too. I think that diverging style on both part of the main title is not a good idea, this make u decrease in terms of harmmnoy. The date which is important is a bit flat / not popping out so well and this is completely taken out of the titles which is not super appropriate in my view. I would personally put up the date thing to put it closer to the titles and increase the size of it, probably put a banner behind too (up to u to test …). If u ask me the footer is a bit too high and the bottom of the flyer too empty , i guess if u can fix all this , u can potentially make it :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback, I will work on what you said. I’m not thinking about uploading this one, just wanted to get better at designing flyers :slight_smile:

at this stage i think u have to focus on combining elements and creating unity i think, u will have thus to deal with spacing and font combinations in particular

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