I've made this flyer design. Is it good or bad please give your feedbacks

hi ,pls do not take the personally but in the end what are people supposed to buy here? I mean , once u take out the central picture, , ok u have a tv set and some text that is not even really outstanding or really well organized. I guess that u can identify that this is a bit “short” and that this decreases gamely the commercial potential of your item and that , consequently, the potentiality of having the reviewer approving i is decreasing much, too. I would like to add , also that colors combinations and definitely not the best one and that u would have been much more inspired to use complementary colors, shades of the same color or themed code colors, which turn out to be safe choices working in almost all cases indeed. The fact of the matter is that color attribution is not the best one, as well, since u end up messing with the hierarchy out of giving secondary texts more outstanding colors as more contrasting colors, while the big title do not pop out much in the end … Choosing to put a white and black color picture in the tv set is quite a strange choice as well insofar as this is not springing out either , while the tv screen is in the focus point. Hard to understand how texts are being justified as well as they are flagged in all directions and that the alignement resulting from it is very dubious as well , as a consequence. As for the typo, indeed, this is kind of flat despite the rather nice originality touch with “join us”, u need to have better organized texts, more variations, more and better working font combos and possibly a few other touches of creativity in the typo

thank you bro for your advices

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u are welcome, i am happy that i could be helpful indeed, good work and good luck :slight_smile: