My last 2 christmas flyers of 2020, can this be approved?

Can this be approved?



With respect, I highly doubt it - both feel like lots of elements or other graphics thrown together without any synergy.

The first:

  • The Typography is not too but, but:
  • Don’t get the light flares or why they are where they are positioned - just feel like they are put anywhere for the sake of it
  • The perspective/positioning of the main pyramid of balls looks wrong esp with the presents behind it being below the base line
  • That pixie type character really doesn’t fit with the concept
  • The greenery border feels like a completely different design just copied and pasted into this one.

The second:

  • Typography is not so good
  • The red and white poles to the sides look stretched
  • The perspective and angles of the presents under the tree looks way off
  • The Santa feels parked esp on top of the balls behind him
  • Again, personally, I think the choice of character make sit feel quite tacky

thanks for the feedback, i will work on it.

hi buddy
i think u are being progressive though , that many elements are cool but u have some things to fix all the same. So let’s get started.

first flyer
1- typo
indeed, for me the combinations are not really working and despite this is rather clean, the main title keep being too plain all the same
2- space organization
u have a real discrepancy between the upper part that is very crammed and the lower one which is way emptier indeed, i assume that this is also coming from the “leaf crown”, as this is very close from text and other elements, see point 3
3- choking
this is related to what i explained beforehand, as the title does not have the right attention and the space so that this is breathing as expected
4- text exposure and disposition
some text - especially side way ones are not necessarily placed properly if u ask me, they look a bit spread randomly in including the date, not to mention that u have a multiplication f lookalike theme-related texts > music parrrty and live music on stage
5- hierarchy and popping out texts
if u believe that texts like “live music on stage” are primary level information, then u have to give them the occasion to opt out, get noticed, and contrast really from the background so that this is outstanding indeed
6- multiplying bullets
normally repetition is part of the basic design principles but indeed, when it comes to bullets, this is still not a greta idea, as such an element looks redondant rather than any other thing indeed

flyer 2
1- typo
globally the typo remains a bit too plain and, once again, especially when it comes to main titles, which is preventing them from being really outstanding indeed, and same gores with the complementary element , the kind of subtitle, where the font u used is too thin and is lacking impact i u ask me, not to mention that there is more to say, pls see point 2, as well
2- main title
i think that this is not a good idea to cut the main title with the additional mention, as this is not really a good idea to choose the green color for the main title, as well. This is not only the bets for color harmony and also for the titles to spring out and get the right attention, impact and so on, see point 3
3- text orientation
i know that a good deal of guys do this and that this may look unfair to mention for u , here , but indeed, let’s face it, this text orientation is not really practical to say the least and not really a good idea in terms of hierarchy as well , as this is decreasing the impact of the main title, which should be , by far the most important part of the flyer indeed. Look for instance, what it all ends up with is having the small dj line being more readable and so on than the main title and the theme of the eve …
4- shadowing
there is a problem with the shadowing of the board , as from what we can judge from santa claus, the light is supposed to come from the front and the right side, in other words, u cannot have so much shadow on the board and especially not in the right part of it … not to forget that the tree does not seem to have any shadowing at all on the other hand , which i not logical as regard to santa’s lighting …the left part of the tree , at least the edge, should be darker in the same logics
5- spacing
for me the spacing is not perfect when it comes to the text on the left as there seems t be ore space between dj claus and bad santa than between dj claus and the club name
6- composition
if i globally like what u have here , i tend to believe that the tree and presents on the right look a bit messy all the same , maybe, making it slightly less crammed would be taking your game to the next level

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I will make the changes thnx

u are welcome :slight_smile: good work and good luck pls let me know how it went afterwards :slight_smile: