Can this Halloween flyer been approved? I hasitate



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hi buddy , sorry to say just this , but as for me i tend to believe that no indeed … the fact of the matter is that the character is cool, there is originality in what u have done, but, on the other hand, as for me , there are some things to fix, change and so on …

honestly , one the problems that i have with your flyer is that this looks not homogenous - unlike what u usually do - and i have the feeling that things have been put a bit right next to each other , kind of pasted rather than having u composing and making them work out together …

u have a major issue in my view. Actually , this is about contrast and readability , as most of the text are not popping out much from the background since contrasts between colors of texts and the background are not always differing enough, plus some texts are over complex background areas and cross some images “interfering” , plus, finally the "creepy font’ that u have used maybe nice for a title but honestly for a normal text , this is hard to read, the effect and impact are being decreased, so this is not so nice , so to speak … . Not to mention that for me the main title is looking disconnected with the rest of texts in terms of styles, effects and so on

i have also a bit trouble to understand the red line falling from the axe into the panda’s mouth lol

i believe that the composition would have been much better without the central sofa and the pumpkin head or that maybe u should have placed it somewhere else, or differently , here this is hard to “buy it”

u also have a glow under the arm, this looks a bit odd as the other side , u do not have the same glow indeed and the thing is behind the arm but “echoes” in front of which looks strange and appears as a problem of lighting, in my view

u also have a problem with the small white line under the main title … for me this makes very little sense to have the thing placed here like this , either u should take it out or put it really as a subtitle and give it the proper attention that it should be given as a “complement” of the main title

the other solution that u may have is to bring the date under the title , use the same effect as for the title but making the text smaller all the same and push these two slightly up and have the watch out as sort of an addition small caption. But , in any event, what seems quite sure for me is that the date bulet should be placed differently, besides, if i were u i would choose squared shapes or rounded ones, as the date bullet and the one where u have “the bets music” and so on, definitely do not match

maybe darkening a part of the flyer would be a good idea , too to create more focus points in some areas or trying to darken the front part and give it a bit more blue hues , i think …

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Thank you very much for the feedback, i made big changes and will improve it better before I upload it.

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i am sorry for the comment, i had maybe a bit negative things to say , but i really wanted to help u and point out how u could improve the item in my view, u may not agree with all or opt for not taking care of all issues, it depends on u , i just tried to make profit of my experience to point everything that i have seen, i hope u understand , buddy, and that it could help u all the same :slight_smile:

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No problem, I listen carefully and made a lot of changes.
Think it’s much better now.


The integration is poor. The character doesn’t follow the scene light. Shadows looks fake.

for me this is way better indeed, though, there is still much to say and potentially to fix too. i am still not really understanding the “axe thing” lol the movement of blood looks pretty unreal, even if u turn out not to try to thing about logical things much lol the fact of the matter is that the way the blood drops it surprising and the blood falling doesn’t bring any shadow of the handle of the axe and this makes the “scene” look not realistic. I am sorry but i am also definitely not a un of this sort of outdoors sofa lol i think that your flyer would have been so much better off without it and adding more characters. I would recommend, personally that u give both the title and subtitle the same “assets” > giving them a white color and a red stroke would be the most readable i think and what may have the most sense , too. The problem with what u have here is that the hierarchy is inverted as the subtitle it being more readable than the main title , fortunately enough this issue is not to prominent due to the size difference but this is disturbing all the same as the focus is a bit more on the subtitle …

u have forgotten a really important part of what i said and this is the reason why @designsomething mentioned what he mentioned … there is a disconnection of tones in the back and from those front of , there should be some blue glows so to speak in the front part so that both “layers” connect with each other rather than having the front in one side and the back in the other one. Also pay attention to give all elements the proper shadowing, some are still lacking, some are not really accurate enough. i am also not sure that having the very big bullet at the botton of the flyer is a good idea , i was not sure beforehand and now even less if u ask me … i tend to believe that u should rather inspire from movies for the footer as this work of yours makes me rather think of a movie than any other thing, so u may play with these codes to bring a more interesting footer to the table …

allright, i will follow your suggestions again. Also will improve the light and shadows.

u cannot give it a try without the wicker sofa as well? LOOOOOL

no i skip the sofa and add 2 characters

i think that would be a good idea if u arrange everything well :slight_smile:

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Allypuzzes, you got a very good point and your right.
My character is too scary for halloween and for kids.