what is wrong with this flyer? Please help me.

The main design/skull looks quite good but with respect the rest is a bit all over the place - typography needs a lot of work, spacing is inconsistent, no hierarchy, the date/qr code both feel lost and disconnected

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Thanks for quick response.

hi there are multiple issues here. First of all in terms of style, this is quite minimalist all the same. I know that normally reviewers sort of like it, , but there is not much design in what u have this far. Otherwise , the most major problem if u ask me is in terns of organization. There are a variety of items being placed rather randomly as far as z-lay out goes and the way some texts are being placed makes rather little sense indeed. it appears that there are sort of spacing problems due to the very varying organization of elements on the canvas with some areas being far more busy than some others , which is an additional problem indeed. Hard as well to understand why almost all the things are flagged in the middle and u have the second part of the title which is not and which thus looks quite placed in a disharmonious way. IN the same extent , there are also issues when it comes to alignment all the different text and elements are in different levels vertically speaking which increases the already ramdomlike organization generated. Let’s also face it, the main title is not super readable to say the least and this breads problems regarding the hierarchy of information. The major part of the title is not super readable, the second part of the title is smaller than the date which is placed pin the sideways, all is a bit inconsistently done so to speak. besides, when we are considering branding, having the club name upstairs makes very little sense and this is even worse when we are considering that this is put in small size and that thus this is really not springing out of all. Let’s talk the talk, a buyer, like a business or club owner would like his or her club to valued, to be outstanding and that the name is not only noticed but remembered as well. BTW there is not real space meant for a logo to be placed and if we consider the z-lay out, there is nothing really interesting being in one of the main impact zones indeed

I changed all things as you describe. But still it’s rejected. :pensive:

I think all the rules & guidelines are only for new authors.