what is wrong with this flyer? Please help me.

Please help me.

You have many issues with typography, hierarchy, readability, composition, spacing and alignments. The main image and image elements are poorly isolated. Title is nearly unreadable. Fonts doesn’t work well together.
Overall looks like a flyer done by a very beginner.

Also what is that thing under the title?

hi globally this is too simple, this is also too dark, even for halloween , since there is nothing popping out at all. IN addition, the typo is definitely is far from being solid enough, as here expectation are high and a lot of things are missing at this stage, besides , the combinations do not work if u ask me. Overall , all texts turn to be hard to read, even the main title and thus this makes the item quite inefficient, not mention that there is the usual disposition that all guys more or less do, which is not taking the z-lay out into account and makes the item even more inefficient in the end … There are major problems with spacing, alignments, which are basic design principles, and of contrast , too as I started to evoke above, in other words, u ahem been violating most of the basic design principles , so hard to figure out that the item could be approved in such conditions. The positioning and size of the club name makes no sense, one more time, when it comes to branding, a buyer would legitimately expect the place they own to be visible, outstandingi might out and even remembered but now this is treated as secondary info. There is improvement to bring to the table as far as breathing goes, too