Halloween flyer rejected again

Anyone know why my flyers been rejected? Techniek quality. I seen worser flyers been approved. So dont understand any more. Thnx.

hi buddy i tend to believe that this maybe due to the typo that u are using for all the text at the botton of the flyer that are not matching too much - in my view - with teh rest of the creation and composition

ok so i must change the bottem typo.
Ill change it thnx

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this is just my opinion buddy, but i hope it will work for u after u do :slight_smile:

Your text at the bottom half seems to be off to the right, try centring all your text. Plus your background image is also off to the right, and check you have the rights as in, is it copyrighted? I would also remove the circles around the date text and change the typo.