Can someone tell me why these flyers got hard rejected?

I recently uploaded Halloween flyers on graphic river but all got rejected. Please help me in understanding what is wrong with these.

Also, can anyone confirm- If an item gets hard rejection, is there further scope that we can make updates and upload it again? Or a hard rejected item is not eligible to upload again in any circumstances?

Please share your views. Thanks in advance!

First one, cannot tell if the skull is sitting on the ground or floating, and that in turn causes tension issues with the text below it, and the “25th OCTOBER” text block is not formatted the same as the one on the left, (well, it probably is, but doesn’t look like it).

Second, the bottom text distribution is a bit of a mess, and the overall theme is probably not a good seller, (l have tried similar things in the past).

Third, one is pretty good, but text font choices and text blocks not looking the same, (left, right) is what is letting you down.


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hi in most cases, what u have to improve in my view is the typo in a general way, the hierarchy of information slightly , more or less in some flyers and globally the disposition of texts as they are a bit spread everywhere and this is basically , at least in two of your flyers, not following any type of logical alignment, especially as regard to the z-shape reading process …

Thanks for your valuable feedback.

I will check all points provided by you and will try to implement these in the designs. One question here which no one answered. Is it possible to upload again a hard rejected item after correction? So that I can work on these flyers again and can revise these in better way including your comments.

Please let me know.


Thanks for taking out time and giving me feedback.

I will surely consider your comment and will design items keeping this in mind.

Some try to but they are taking a risk with their account or credibility here.

I always substantially modify before resubmitting.


That is what I was thinking. Well, thank you!

LOL sort of … a lot of people did and had their items accepted … some others like me got suspended for doing twice lol on the other hand i am honest , i guess that opening my mouth and sending a bit provocative message for me to be suspended in the end … u are right Shane this is a risk anyway and i would not advice this indeed

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Thanks for your advice.

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