MY LAST 6 FLYER DESIGNS have been HARD REJECTED :( NEED Some feedback Please please please

Hi there, my last 6 consecutive flyers designs have been HARD rejected. Can I please get some feedback, I don’t know whats wrong with them. Thanks

Your designs are pretty good, but a few points…

  • The last one has a graphic glass with a realistic flyer, (l have tried that and it always gets canned).

  • Not sure that the bottom text are real companies, but icons aren’t allowed here, (not the real ones, not sure about made up ones).

  • The other ones, are probably due to putting elements behind and in front of text, that fight with the text.

  • But a model with elements behind are harder to get through here, than something else, (l tried that and got clobbered more than usual, since this marketplace has a high number of them).

If you click on my avatar image and link you can get some ideas as to what you can do next time.

And it is best to do one at a time, until you get some through.

Good luck.


Thank you sooooo much. I was getting lost in the sea. I will try your suggestions. Thanks a lot.

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shane, graohic glass with realistic flyer this is called “mixed media” and this should in no way to be a reasonfor a hard rejection, Eduardo should have been asked to change the element if this choice he made was so much of a problem … the fact of the matter is that his whole work was very very harmonious and visually attractive and this matters much much more

as for teh text this is readable the text behind … not to mention that this is strange that a design principle is almost never followed here (contrast) and that this one becomes a decent reason for a hard rejection

finally icons are allowed here as long as they have been created by eduardo and just for previewing matters … and i guess they are because he has his own name inside …

as for me sorry to Shane but none of his explanations are worth justifying a rejection, even a soft one by the way and i doubt that it maybe the reason for the rejections u had …