Your opinion before uploading 2 Halloween flyers

Hello, whats your opinion of this 2 Halloween flyers?
All elements are included.


Typography kills your flyers once again

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@DesignSomething ok, but what is your solution about my typo, more detailed please?


hi my friend, indeed, unfortunately , @DesignSomething is right. This is a recurrent problem for u and I assume that this is very sad because there is quality in your work here but the typo part is likely to mess it all … I think that , in the first place , u really have to forget about the font that u used for “psychocircus” this is not overly impressive in the first place but when u place it in the footer , this is not aesthetic nor readable, to be honest. by the way, to keep on evoking the main title, something is really sad , this is that it looks completely disconnected with the rest of the flyer when it comes to lighting. I understand that u have to make it pop out and make it contrast, yes, no doubt, though , on the other hand, there is no impact of the blueish night on the title , which makes it look coming out of nowhere so too speak. besides, green is not a super good choice, not only does it not make it really look like “halloween style” but the “game” of color combination is certainly not the right one here , choosing a orange would have been definitely a better choice ,more coherent and matching the complementary requirements. if u have too many color variations in texts , apart from not always being aesthetic , u are very likely to be facing contrast problems or hierarchy issues , too. Once again there is something about the way texts are positioned, too and I think that u have to rather try to create more compact central titles (the full moon one is better about it than this one, even if this is not this yet, either)

full moon flyer
indeed, the biggest deal of them is all the positioning , even if u have also a very subsequent problem when it comes to contrast here. On the other hand, as I mentioned above, for this one, u have something more coherent lighting wise. But I guess u will nod about what I am saying, the blue text on the mainly grey background is definitely not super visible to say the least, so that this is not readable too. The reason is that this is not contrasting enough and that placing the text over a complex background like an image basically requires u to pay even more attention about the contrast of elements. the second major problem that I pointed at is that the global positioning of text not the right one. The left corner one should be upper if u really want to keep in this area full moon should be dragged upper so that this is a bit more in the middle and in the impact zone and the footer is way too close from the lower edge so that this is not breathing. Once again there is much to say as far as the choice of used fonts, especially about the footer indeed , this font simply makes the readability rather difficult and does not help for elements to imbricate , even if u tried to increase the interspace between letters so that this looks a bit more doing it … the “game” wit the double o could have been cool but not this way … there is a style dissonance between the very childish illustrations and the rest of the flyer that looks way more adult oriented and in a way more scary style, too. I think that the problem with u is that u create your design overall and then u add text when u should better do the other way around in a way , as let’s face it, the design in selling, yes, but the informative side of the flyer is still a prominent thing to consider indeed … also avoid to put too many blue colors as they come as sort of a gradation and there is a negative impact on the hierarchy indeed

@n2n44 i will never learn to choose the right typo , even if my design is high class. That will always be my weakness.

My friend try to do one flyer only with typography. It is easy for me to tell you what fonts you can combine and what effects you should use. But the goal is to learn yourself. There is only 2 rules. The typo should be visible and perfectly integrated with your graphics.


I think that his problems as I mentioned is that he adds the typo after creating it all so that text elements look like sideway elements to fulfill the gaps so to speak, when they are essential since they are meant to provide information related to the event , this is why I rather advised him to do the other way around. As for me I would have added another rule , this is that font being associated belong a bit to the sale style … because generally if u try to pair something very rounded with something very squared for example, the result is far from convincing …

this is hard for this , my friend. It takes to observe and test a lot but for me the main issue is that u change your way to work, that is to say to having the design revolving around the text rather than the complete other way around , keep in mind that information matters much if this is a flyer for an event u are creating … and not a phone case, t-shirt design, a mouse rug, a mug design or whatever else that your item could used for without having texts …

Both flyers hard rejected.
I see flyers been approved these days that are much worse than this 2.
Littlebit confused.



maybe the first one could be perfected but the second is great if u ask me

@n2n44 thnx but both rejected twice, Envato don’t want this great quality flyers, they want quantity. Its fine.