Can this flyer Halloween be approved?

Can you tell me if this will be accepted?


hi I like a few things here , like central texts, the footer also but globally what u have at this stage is way too dark and thus flattening details if u wish (the light from the lamp should have consequences on the close environment (wall , column and such things)… . Part of the problem, by the way, is that some textes are really lacking contrast as u are violating the contrast basic design indeed. Consequences are huge as there is an impact on hierarchy and readability among others things , in addition. Sorry to say just this also but the bullet with the date looks poor, not only is the text part not matching the rest but same goes with colors and style. The bullet is by far too plain and not sure that the shape of it really makes sense. The sideway texts are close to invisible, this is a direct result from the lack of contrast between the color of the text and the dark background under. beware also about the hierarchy … I am not sure that alternative colors in a sentence is such a good idea in the florets place but anyway, if u ever choose to do so at least insure that the most important parts are the ones springing out the most … this is the exact other way around right now

yeah the bullet is very poor, you are right. I will work on the contrast too. thnx

Changed the typo and colors and add a more attractive text border. It’s in the queue now.


this is not any better if u ask me and iu think that u did not deal much with many things that I pointed out

The problem with this flyer is that the elements are not well integrated. It can be seen that it is composed using several elements with different light sources, shadows. Looks flat and doesn’t have mood.

Check this “IT” movie poster and see how they manage to create mood and atmosphere using fog, colored rim light, overall composition.

thank you very much, i will work on the mood and hierarchy again to give it more depth and better composition.

I guess this is much better, thnx N2N44 and Design something


Rejected again without any reason.
The review system is very bad.
I see a lot of fast designed flyers approved here with a lot of text and multiple colors, very busy designs.
Seems like most of the designers have the same style.
This was my last upload cause it’s confusing me.
I sell my stuff on other market places and close my account.
Don’t know what Envato is looking for.
Thank you for the help and so long guys.

Unfortunately this is not any better. Try to learn how to blend elements, how manipulate light, how to add credible cast shadows into your composition. Try adding few elements because it is easier to integrate.
Also use high res images. That low res clown, gates, fog doesn’t help you

Check this tutorials

You don’t need to be angry about review system. You simply are not ready for this marketplace yet. You have allot to learn first

Thank you very much Design Something for the help.
I know exactly how to manipulate light but in cmyk lights are not working very well.
When you designed in rgb its much better to set lights on screen but you can’t upload rgb flyers on GR.
I was a a couple of years ago a designer on Envato with about 200 approved flyers in my portfolio but
Envato went another way and I decided to close my account cause it confuses me and saw this kind of slyles coming. I was giving it another try this month. The flyers that been approved now are not my style. , they want fast designed work with multiple colors and a lot of text, as you can see on the marketplace right now. I don’t blame the reviewers but the marketplace is too saturated now.

I had 2 accounts and both of them i don’t use anymore.
[link removed]
is one of them but I lost all my login settings ( even from my email account years ago.

Light manipulation works perfectly in CMYK too. It is about light setup not blending modes: Play with rim light, fill light, key light and back light. Add correct attached and cast shadows.

Imagine that IT movie poster was made for both screen and printing

I think you are right.
I go back to basic and learn more about lights, blending and follow the Bennie production tuts.
I sent him an email cause he lives in the Netherlands like me.
A couple of years ago i was good at flyer design but times are changed and so the bar, i must set this bar higher and improve my skills for the next year. I come back better. thnx