Can this been approved?

Hello after a couple of rejections of other flyers I spent more time on new flyers now to give it a better look.
What you think?



hi i am sorry but for me there is still work to do on this one buddy … i guess that the most important issue to deal with at this stage is about the lighting,. At the moment, mainly due to this and a few other reasons indeed, the fact of the matter i that elements do not really seem “composed” but rather pasted right next to each other so to speak. Look, for instance , judging by the disposition of the light om the ground and the presence of light in the background, we can deduct that the light is coming from the back but the pumpkins, skulls and even the model to a certain extent turn out to be kind of too lit as if the light was coming from in front of … this is particularly true foe the pumpkin and skulls, actually. I would also recommend that u make an additional layer on top of all of the other one and darkest the edges, especially in the mid section of the flyer indeed. There is a global work left to do as far as the shadowing goes, as i a bit evoked too. For example, look the shadowing of the model on the ground looks cool like this but is not logical … shadows are being made a bit as if the light was coming from the sideway, not to mention that if a model is stepping like this, he will generate a shadow on the ground on the axis of his legs , the shadow should go from one foot to the other. Otherwise, there is a real issue with the disposition of the text, this is too “diffuse” and most importantly not being taking into account the z-shape reading. Besides, talking about the positioning of the text for me the main title should be a lower and should be given more space and impact rather than almost being looking like secondary. I am by the way not sure that the style that u have on the main titles is the best idea and choice, this turns out to make it rather dull and tasteless when u are expecting to have the thing springing out and be noticed and oustanding. For me the lanterns are also disconnected (light, shadowing, style). Finally the cloud looks cut on the top of the flyer, this is looking like a “ooooops” rather than an expected effect …


You are right about the lightning and shadow.
Ill change that, also I delete the lanters and repair the cutted cloud.
october 1st I can upload the new flyers so i got time to improve them/

Much better.


yeah my friend, but indeed, there are still some things to fix as regard to text disposition and so on , as well as the shadowing, as i mentioned last time, indeed, there should be a shadow between the guys legs on the ground … i would also push everything up the whole contents to have more balance of spacing in the upper and lower edges areas and to make sure to give the footer a bit more breathing , especially since some text in the header should either been taken away or changed positon if u ask me

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Aproved. Thnx. For the feedback, gr. flyerlab2019/royalflush2014 .