Please tell me whether this flyer will get approved or not. Feedback & suggestions please.

Hello, in this current state the item won’t get approved unfortunately. The design is somewhat basic, the typography needs a lot of improvement - you are using three different fonts, which don’t work together.
There is no information about the event - this is a must for every item of this kind, otherwise what is the purpose?
And the most important thing - is it for a music event, perhaps an art event? It’s not clear which is a bad sign. Not that it can’t be more general but in this current form, it’s not enough to be approved I am afraid to say.

Hi, thank you for your valuable feedback. I will try to improve the typography & add event information in my future flyers.

u are right though this would be cool to let him know more in detail what is not right at this stage because this far , with what u said he can identify what he is supposed to have done wrong but not really how to fix it …

hi i personally believe that a bi deal of the problems that u have with this item are linked to choice u have made to basically insert in the design in a slanted crossing shape indeed. This makes it really hard for u to organize all the elements properly and actually , u did not manage to handle it , sorry to say just this , but this is really how i feel. There is something interesting about the effects that u could make with the stains, though globally , what is not as positive is that u could not carry the style / convey the style through other elements and in the end . u greatly came to a disharmony. The typo is particularly proving it by actual test. U have the central element being in a grunge style and the grunge and modern style is simply nowhere to be seen in the choice of any of your fonts … the zapfino - if i could identify it well - is interesting but not that much in this context as not grunge enough, and the other one is a retro style , which is matching in no way with anything that u have through out the canvas … what u have to keep in mind is that here , in GR, the focus is priorly in term of typo and that expectations are generally high about it … with such disharmony in the typo, no matter how great what u nay dine otherwise, u can rest assured, the item will be rejected … so this is even worst when there is much to say about the item, just like what happens with at the moment …
remember all details matter and all of them, put 2 on 2 together are actually making a very huge difference on the final result , so u should invest some time to create a decent fake logo indeed, this is looks amateurish and is providing people with a bad feeling as regard to your work, right from the beginning … the positioning and the spacing of text is not properly done. U need to sort of imbricate title, display them harmoniously together in terms of placement, style and every thing. The stain thing is rather cool but with text placed this way, this is also making the texts / central titles not exactly as outstanding as they should be as well as this is making them lose contrast too … u have to also make sure that not to make the bullet dissonant from the place where this is placed, what is not the case right now, besides, if u ask me, u should better put it somewhere else and try to “dress” the crossing brush content more so that the item looks more worked out and offers more originality in the process, too. I also know that some of guys like it and that reviewers seem to do , too but the text placed vertically right next to edge is a non sense … this is something normally reserved for legal mentions (so what is felt accessory for people meant to use the item) and there is no way this is making sense to put the website where people are supposed to go to collect the info , since, as such, this is close to unreadable indeed …

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Thank you @n2n44, I really needed to know how to fix my flyer. Thank you so much for wise words & I will take a note of your feedback & improve my future designs.

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you are welcome, keep working hard, doing your best, trying to bring quality to the table and having as positive an attitude and i am sure that there will be cool days ahead :slight_smile: