I will upload flyer in graphicriver.

Hi to all:

My flyer is approved or rejected? Please help me thanks.

Pretty good, but l would put MUSIC BY, and the DJ line closer to the DOORS OPEN, etc part, to seperate the main header from the rest.

And if possible throw in some motion blurr presents flying around the tree, (it may get through without them, but they would help).


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Many thanks :slight_smile: regards.

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You should improve the typography.

For example:

  • Make the “Music by” semi transparent / smaller
  • Same thing for "Doors Open at …etc " the two lines
  • Make the 25 December title bigger.

You can simply play with the fonts but you should improve the hierarchy, which is the main problem of this item.

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Many thanks :slight_smile:

It’s a hard rejected already come my email :frowning:, why?

We all get stuff rejected, (me included) and sometimes it all boils down to too many similar items in the marketplace or they just don’t like it.

I know that it isn’t easy to put a lot of effort into one or more, to have it slammed, but over time when you get good enough, then you can do a bunch to hand in; then you should be virtually guaranteed to get some through, every time.

Good luck.


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