Can this flyer been approved?

Hi there, after 20 different hard rejected flyers in a row I decided to change
my whole typo style.
I think my graphics are good enough so that’s not the main issue.
Can this one been approved?


hi this was rejected?! :joy: when we see so many plain things , tasteless items making it , this is definitely looking strange lol however this does not mean that your item is perfect all the same. the text on the sideways are, apart from not being necessarily well positioned vertically, just being unreadable unless u want to break your neck lol - small joke, nothing personal, ok :slight_smile: - though i know that this is frustrating as many guys do these nonsensical things of bringing some texts to the table that cannot be read like this and can get the item approved all the same… i do not know how anyone could accept that such things are accepted … texts are there to be meant and they are not in these cases … so why having them, this sort of techniques have always been used for legal mentions and for nothing else …
otherwise, u may also consider offering more contrast and punch to your texts by adding a smooth shadow under … thus will underline them smoothly without breaking the harmony , it will improve the readability as well and reinforce the hierarchy of information in the process, too
i also tend to believe that the same technique of smooth shadowing should be used for the global central composition (even smoother than for the text), it would underline your work more, as well
finally i would put a bit more effect on the big “dreamland” to make it look more outstanding and worked out

Thanks for your comment N2N44.
Im Dutch and not English so it;s a bit difficult to understand your explains.
It was rejected cause my typo was very worse so decided to inproved my typo.

Is this flyer/artwork good or bad?
But do you think it will be accept or rejected?