what is wrong with this flyer? Please help me.

My flyer got hard reject. why?

Please help me.

hi there are a lot of issues as regard to what organization is all about. If u know about z-lay out, u will have a better understanding of what I am referring to …z-lay out is not only describing the way the eyes are sweeping across any document I order to read it but this is also determining the impact zone where important pieces of information should be placed to have maximized exposure. Almost nothing that u have done is compatible indeed . In addition, even if I like th effect that u have on the title, there is a very negative consequence on hierarchy as the title is fading away rather than popping out more than the rest ,… There is an issue by the way with contrast, contrast is a major basic design principle and that led u to be confronted with other problems in a snowball effect , such as readability ,hierarchy and impact. U are also messing with spacing here , in other words, u have broken not one but two basic principles , so that hard to expect that the item is approved … There are some real issues with typo , too. Combinations are simply not working and this problem is reinforced by the rather random positioning of texts indeed. This is also not allowed to use copyrighted things, like the name of artists “nirvana” for instanced u have mistypings in the text ,which does not loo super professional to say the least (cf “limited” and not “limited”)

Thanks for your reply.

u are welcome if u have enough clues about what to do with the item, pls check the solution box, thanks, have good work and good luck