Flyer design

Anyone help please! Is that item is suitable for envato market??

It looks great! You should definitely try uploading it.

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Nearly there, seems like something is missing or lacking.

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Please tell me what is lacking

With respect, I think you would be lucky to get approved.

There’s elements esp .the gold balls that do not feel like they fit naturally, and if you take out all the stock elements like the woman, the background etc. and there’s nothing left except some very basic text

Did you design the ‘Christmas Party’ or ‘DJ’ part from scratch/yourself?

Best people to ask would be @DesignSomething or @n2n44


You have some issues

  • The elements are too close to margins
  • The title has no contrast
  • Fonts you used for the title does’t work well together
  • Typo textures looks done in hurry
  • Overall there is nothing new or unique. Also looks outdated and is not in trends.
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