Do ı have quality standarts ? Please tell your ideas .

Please ı need your ideas , ı m waiting

No expert here, but I think these posters look quite good for their genre. The only thing that stands out to me is the women’s silhouettes you used. They are quite blocky and not easily “readable”, unfortunately. If I was to give advice, I’d say try and use something a bit more dynamic, preferably where the limbs are not “stuck” to the body, and maybe try to play w color instead of just black. Also, in the first one, the orangy layer is a bit too opaque to my taste, it does give it a nice color contrast, but maybe sheer it out a bit. Otherwise, good job!

hi first of all, if u ask me, these are decent compared to a lot of things that we can see in the forums, though this is not meaning that there is not much to say all the same about all of these items. Besides, it would have been much more convenient to have one thread per item in order to bring a detailed feedback for the concerned flyers, maybe next time u can think about it and make things easier for us.

so let’s start with general comments:
1- general style rather identical
actually, from one to the other , tase flyer have much in common from one to the other whether this is about disposition , used fonts, dispositions and so on
2- contrast issue
this is not a small deal, this alone can justify a hard rejection. Let’s face it in the majority of cases, u are violating a basic design design principle. that is to say : contrast the problem is that by doing so u get into trouble by bringing additional troubles in a snowball effect when it comes to hierarchy and readability in particular. I can identify that in most cases, this is rather secondary information that turn out to suffer from these problems, but in any event, what is the point to have a text when this is not readable anyways?
3- z-shape reading
it seems rather obvious to me that u have probably never heard about z-shape reading process as i would call it … this is describing the usual way eyes are sweeping across a document , from the top left to top right , then slanted way to bottom left and finally bottom right , this is determining the focus points (the remaining focus point being in the center page), see the other mistake point 4.
4- logo positioning
the logo , when there is space for one, is not placed properly ,see explanation in point 3
5- branding
this is really big mistake in my view not to determine a place where people are supposed to be placing the club name and that this name is given the right exposition and impact. Look, if u are a club owner and have a flyer printed , what are u expecting people to remember? well pretty much the name of the club … this is what is prevailing even if the very main focus is not necessarily on the club itself but on the “special night” taking place there
6- finition
in most of cases, i am not sure that this is because u show the preview without the models, but the shadows are lacking for sure under all of the models and also behind a good deal of other elements as well …
7- footers
most of the footers are a bit too close from bottom edges and even if they are not a problem for the trim line, there is an issue of breathing

let’s get into flyer by flyer detail now

1st flyer
1- logo
u should invest some time to create a decent professional looking logo that will improve the preview rather than making it flatter like this and that will not break the harmony, see point 2
2- shapes and harmony
this is not purely a good idea to mix a circular shaped logo in a flyer where the things are squared like this is breaking the visual harmony
3- lighting
in my view there is something a bit strange as regard to hues and lighting which makes the flyer disposition look a bit fake … see point 4
4- disconnection
the model look like a bit disconnected if u wish as the lighting coming on her boy and skin seem to stop on her and influence nothing behind
5- font pairings
they could be better if u ask me , maybe by choosing a font to replace the the monserrat one … one with uppercase would be better in my view, to bring more harmony
6- color
night is hardly visible and is definitely not popping out as expected in any case …

2nd flyer
1- readability and hierarchy
this is not really a good idea to have the biggest titles crossing each other like this , is taking out much of their impact and this is making the most important texts hardly readable
2- shadowing
all the ballons and soon generate no shadows and this globally makes the composition look rather fake
3- global style
this is really busy to say the least, sam not against this , this is rather my natural style and some people like it , but the problem is that it has to be constant … see point 4
4- discrepancy between different areas
if the global disposition is crammed , the fact of the matter that this is a bit unequal too … hard to understand that there is some small gaps here and there , this is particularly obvious with the kind f participles / confettis behind the black balloons … the area under the flying balloon on the left side is a good illustration too …

flyer 3
1- disposition of the date
for me the thing is not properly placed
2- coherence
why disconnecting so much the date and time?
3- english
this is"20th"not 20st …
4- color
the color of the date is coming out of the blue and this is completely breaking the harmony of the flyer which is rather cool otherwise
5- discrepancy of disposition
the central axis is way more crammed than the edges which look rather empty , especially proportionally speaking
6- typo of the footer
this is flat , there is not much relief coming out of it … plus the hierarchy is definitely not right … do u realize that the club name is smaller than the time of the party?

4th flyer
1- colors
pink and green do not match particularly well, there would have been combinations that would have worked much better than these two colors together … think about complementary colors and shades of the same colors, this is safe choices indeed
2- composition
elements seemed to be piled to pasted right next to each other rather than really composed
3- global style
for me with this one , u need to push the envelope there is in the end rather little graphic design in this item
4- texts disposition
actually twerking the central titles rather put u into trouble rather than any other thing as u could not really manage to organize the other texts accordingly , see point 5 and 5
5- lack of imbrication
the texts are not combining well and this is hurting the flyer visually
6- spacing
this is the direct consequence of the slanted title, as u had trouble to organize other texts, in the end , u end up with what looks like a random-like positioning and the spacing between the different blocks is varying gamely. The problem is that alignment is a basic design principle and violating it is clearly not a good idea …
7- hierarchy
djs are given more exposure than the club does it really make sense?
8- footer
b placing the time on the right the text disposition of the footer is failing apart as u have a sequence that looks like this in the end … left flagging , center and center … rather than having a left, center and right …
9- discrepancy
the central top part is way emptier than all the rest

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Thank you very much for taking the time to me, I’ll take your item with it

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What do I do for this

u are welcome :slight_smile: good work and good luck for arranging :slight_smile: if u have enough clues as regard to what to do with this item, pls check the “solution” box :slight_smile: