pls feedback my other flyer.

This has the potential to look nice, but there are still a lot of issues.

  • Very weird shading on the model.
  • Don’t use drop shadows on the doves.
  • The thin white flare behind “JERITEAM PRESENTS” needs to go.
  • “You are invited to” and “Appreciation” are hard to read.
  • No section for the event location.
  • Important information such as date, time, and location needs to be more noticeable.
  • Likely too simple for a marketplace item.
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Now yes?

hi as usual u have the very same mistakes! ONCE AGAIN JERI the positioning of the club, size and everything is not good! if u are a buyer u want the club be noticed, identifiable and outstanding … u have no one this here … worse again, there is a problem with contrast which finished to dig the concerned text and make sure that there is no impact whatsoever …
1- club positioning …
explained above
2- branding
not good, explained above
3- global misbalance
ONCE AGAIN u have a crammed axis and sideways are tooooooo empty , in particular in the mid section (and top left, too) and comparatively to the central part …
4- hierarchy
there should be at least to levels of reading , i see one part of the central title being outstanding and the rest is a confusing bulk where nothing springs out … hard to determine any hierarchy there …
5- flares and readability
messing with the readability is not a good idea globally but here this is worse again as u do it with the central title and subtitle … which breaks the hierarchy once again … prevents from reading and globally does not look hyper good visually all the same … (so , no interest at all)
6- torn paper
never seen everywhere , i am wandering how these items are still being approved , there are millions of it already and some people do much better with it than u do, so try something else, something original, if possible
7- glow
the glow on the face of the guy looks not only not super respectful for the model but looks bad visually , this impacts your flyer negatively …
8- finition
smoothen the transition between birds and background introducing a smooth shadow
9- color
the combination of dark blue and red simply does not work for the text color in the footer …
10- global style
indeed, this is still a bit too simple and quickly done to have a chance to make it here , u need to work more on this one

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Thank you so much I will fix some :slight_smile:

no u have to fix all, because even if u do all not sure that the flyer is so very great so that this is approved anyways …

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