I need feedback about my design flyer

Again To basic as always Jeriteam.
There are tons of the same flyers.
When you get out the pictures there is notting left.
The woman is looking with her eyes closed and looks very weird.
No creativity at all.
So this will be rejected like all of your flyers the last years.

Who is JeriTeam? I don’t know who he is.

Bottom line is that take out the stock woman and background and there’s nothing left.

This is a stupidly crowded category where anything new has to offer something premium and valuable

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Thank you.
I’m going to fix

It okay? I am not sure nothing.


Exactly the same problem.

You cannot include the woman or the background in the download which just leaves a bits of text

Nothing that is not available on the markets already or for free online

Can I use a shape but not for a purchase file? that’s photo model

I will to remove background city.

Assuming it’s licensed properly for commercial use then the woman and city etc can all be in the demo but not the download version

This type of design has been done thousands of time before on envato and free sites so solving the stock elements alone will not be enough and you need to try and find a way to differentiate the design as a whole

Can I add a model for a link in the demo? I download only photo model on freepik.

You can put the link for it in the description but the point is that the design itself is not unique enough so even if you do show people where to get the stock elements it is unlikely to be approved

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Thank you very much for your time, I am going to make a more unique flyer.

You also need to be careful about author guidelines - authors are not allowed to have more than two author accounts - one exclusive, and one non-exclusive.

Breaching this could lead to accounts being closed.

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This my account for name of my mother id card approved Envato, I not use my name my account two. I have one account exculive JeriTeam and non-exculive JeriTeam2 because this my account for my daughter future she will to uplaad your draw in graphicriver, my daughter is very good draw and art. My daughter have 16 years old she not can use to account name she.


I am not sure my flyer if is unique design because colors, models some unique, fonts, etc…

The first is wrong on every level. The kids one is better but still a way off the standards.

It’s been said many times but to reiterate

  1. If you can create 3 completely different flyers about different topics in a matter of hours then you can be certain that it’s rushed and won’t be up to the standards.

  2. Anyone can change fonts or colours and it does not constitute uniqueness, attention to detail, or premium standards.

@DesignSomething or @ki-themes are better placed to give feedback than us, but the best advice anyone can give is to invest in properly refining design skills and take feedback onboard rather than playing a numbers game and just submitting items one after another without taking the time to understand and address why you make certain decisions and choices.

There is not a single top author who submits items in more than 2 or 3 categories maximum because it’s not possible to be truly expert in everyhting from design, to video, web and more.

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How I can make my flyer for approved? I think that I not like my flyer first “happy hour” because I feed spacing I need add more design. I love birthday kids but I will to make more flyer and upload here forum. and I have practice more…

What I can say… Same mistakes on a different account.

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Yes, this is my mother my account. I already approved id card my mother for my daughter.