envato says quality standard issue for second time same quetions please help me

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hi lol it looks like deja vu indeed. Actually, once again, u have made many of the mistakes that i pointed out last time … u still that non aesthetic effect on “epic” , plus, “saturday” is still not having a shadow to make it spring out more on epic. The arrangement of the text is still not ok as there are some texts flagged in all directions. the pink vip thing seems inspired by someone who already did this but if u ask me this is not working , once again … globally , the hierarchy is not good enough and needs to be reworked and pls i want to take this to your attention , do u realize that u have NO SPACE FOR THE CLUB NAME right now?! if u ask me , this alone could justify a hard rejection … the goal of any club owner is of course to promote a special night there but almost as much to promote their club and for people to remember it - kind of a branding issue if u wish - so that this is a VERY MAJOR mistake

Thank you n2n44 /…

u are welcome , if u have tools enough pls check the “solution” box :slight_smile:


Your design flyer is good but lack some add effects, adjustments, etc for approved graphicriver.

I am agree as say @n2n44 because he is experience more 16 years. I have trust with he and he is my friend :slight_smile: please vote “solution” first message of @n2n44.