My print flyer submission was rejected. Please suggest what went wrong.

Guys, I’m relatively new to GraphicRiver and I’m still trying to figure out all the key requirements for an entry to get approved.

I got two entries approved so far, but I can’t seem to get this one in.

I’ve followed the Envato guidelines (the general one and the one for print flyers), I’ve pulled out all the same stops as in the ones that did get approved, and I feel the design itself looks decent, but it’s still getting rejected. What do you guys think could be the reason? Please help me… :sweat_smile:

Also, please don’t flag this guys. I’d made the same post before, but someone flagged it and a moderator deleted it.

If I’ve done something wrong then please tell me what it is so I can make a new post after rectifying my mistakes. Thank you.

@baevox Hi. Thanks for replying.

I had gone through those Quality Guidelines after making the design.

I believe I have everything agreeing with the guide.

I can send you the file for you to go through, if you have time available and are willing.

With respect for such a crowded category there is still a lot of work to do

  • The biggest issue in the typography (esp font choices and hierarchy)

  • “your brand name” font is very inconsistent to the rest of the design and not a gray choice. The icon feels unnecessary and lost.

  • The “grand opening” and the ribbon/scissors doesn’t feel very natural or like they belong as part of the design. These both feel more like an asset which has just been added on top

  • The date / location is not clear and disrupts the construct of the design. You either need to make it part of the rest of the copy or add something to make it stand out more.

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Thank you for your response @charlie4282 , I see what you mean. I’ll keep those points in mind when I make a new one. :slightly_smiling_face:

really ? i think that the global style is the main problem lol

hi well if u ask me u really have much work ahead to say the least , there are a really good deal of issues for u to fix so that u can possibly reach the standards

1- global style
well sorry to say just that as no doubt that u did your best but at this stage this is really too basic in the best cases and i would even add that this looks kind of awkward style. Actually think about it the flyer, right now, consist on a picture melted in the back in a gradient and a combination of old style ribbon and scissors crossing it all this toped with texts that could generate much comments on their own …

2- marketability and selling potential …
let’s face it , right now, with what u have i would really doubt that anyone buy your item as they would rather redo it , quickly on their own, rather than buying … this is linked to point 1, u need to push the envelope graphic design wise

3- lack of realism
the game of shadows is no well enough , this could be fine all the same if u had a much detailed design but as such this is clearly not convincing enough …

4- fake logo
pls take the time to create a decent fake logo that will make your item look better rather just ruin the whole preview and that no one can “buy it”

5- edge
i do not know if have included the whole canvas or the the cut flyer according to trim line but in any case the shape with the stroke that u have put is too close from edges and in the best cases it will not “breathe” in the worst one it will be cut when the item is printed …

6- colors
the combinations u have used are simply not working if u ask me think about themes and associated colors … besides u should also find real gold scissors that would prevent u to end up with a very artificial looking element

7- hierarchy
do u realize that the brand is not being valued that we , apart from the logo that is looking bad at this stage, cannot identity what is opening , the name of the company is essential, it mush pop out , be readable and quickly and easily identified indeed

8- coherence
even if this is not a big deal, is it really looking logical for u to take the date away from the opening title?

9- typo
last and not least to say the least … do u realize that the background inspires a highly industrial environment and that the main font that u used are evolving fun things? this looks very incompatible to me - besides u have a bit the same kind of problem with colors - and that combinations at this stage are not really working , the introductions of "originality " in the typo are thus not working right now and the global thing is lacking variations so that u can categorize information and strengthen the hierarchy … u also have to keep in mind that here in GR , no matter in which category u post , typo is an essential part , probably the most important one of all

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Thank you so much for the very detailed review @n2n44

I had an inkling it could have been the gradient and how simple it looks. I had also thought about making the company name more prominent while designing, but I ignored it for the sake of the design that I was working on at the time.

I hadn’t thought of the other things that you mentioned. I will keep those in mind and pull out all stops when I make my next one.

Thank you so much again. :smile:

so follow your instinct buddy , this is rather often a good intuition , design is not only a matter of technique and knowledge but also of feeling , if u could identify possible wrong things simply don’t do them lol :slight_smile:

if u have enough clues to get to know how to take your item to the next level, click the “solution” box :slight_smile:

I will follow my instinct next time. :slightly_smiling_face: Thank you. :grin:

It should be that the judges have different visions.