My flyer design template rejected.. Please help me..

I’m a new member for Graphicriver… I design a flyer. But It was rejected by Envato team. They say " unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward" What should I do? What correction needed? Hope your help…

I recommend you spend a good bit of time browsing flyers on graphic river, you’ll find you need to spend much more time on the typography. You just have a really basic layout, all 1 font and 1 color. You need to create a more well realised typographic layout for buyers to use. Also for me the black paint circle looks bad.

Thanks alot for your feedback…

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I think the main problem is the typography and images.
Play with 2 or 3 fonts at most, leave them straight not Italic.
“Your logo here” section is way off. Better add a sample logo, and remove that grunge stain (doesn’t fit)
Try adding real information for the flyer, not “the herbal project flyer”. I guarantee the buyer won’t leave it like that (haha)
Make sure you have complete ownership of the images you added.

Oh also, don’t add “by xyz graphics”. That’s just not ok. A little “Partner logo” in the corner it will be enough.

Hope this helps

Thanks a lot for your feedback… I will try my best next time…