My first 3 flyers got reject, please review those files and give me your valuable feedback!

I am new in graphicriver and recently I have started to upload flyers, but my first 3 flyers got hard reject. :cry:
I have tried to find out my fault but couldn’t so I will be very grateful if you guys give me your valuable feedback

Previews of rejected items:

**I am looking forward to your help, please

Kind Regards**

I like how you offer more than just a layout, such as icons (you do include the icons, right?). The colours in most cases are also pretty nice, and the info is clearly organized with the important stuff being more obvious. Overall, I think they work well, however, I’ve seen plenty of similar looking templates already on the marketplace, or even offered for free in other places, so they don’t necessarily bring anything new to the table.

It’s hard to tell for sure, but it also looks like some of the text isn’t aligned properly in some spots. For example, in the Real Estate flyer, “Home Features” and the text along with it look as if they might be going past the edge of blue bar next to it, which throws it off a little. Maybe that’s not the case, but from what I can see it’s so close that it looks that way. In cases like that, I understand the want to make sure everything is mathematically correct, with the top of the text being flush with the top of the bar, but sometimes you have to take some liberties and do what feels right, which in this case I’d say to bring the text in a few pixels.

You have some spelling mistakes as well;
“Elgant” - Elegant
“Testefully” - Tastefully
“We Providing… Solution” - We Provide… Solutions
Probably more that I can’t see.

Another thing to keep in mind is that Envato mainly targets the American market, and to my knowledge, American phone numbers are laid out as the following: 000 123 4567. So 3 numbers in the middle, not 4.

You’ve also written the money amount in the Real Estate flyer incorrectly.
“$1,75,000” - $1,750,000
You can only put a comma after 3 numbers, unless it’s the first group of numbers, for example 100,000,000 - 10,000,000 - 1,000,000.

You have to pay attention to the details, having things like that wrong can come across as unprofessional, and most of the time it can deter people from your item.



This is really useful information, thank you. I’ll take it to the palette for projects :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you so much for your important feedback, I will follow your feedback in my next submission! Thanks again! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

hi indeed u should post flyers one by one this is extremely hard to comment all the thing that u may have done wrong or not perfectly enough if there are several items in the same page , either people will opt for like kind of global like comments o they will shorten explanations and i am not sure that this is the right way …

there is plenty of what @XioxGraphix said that is true and that i turn out to agree with … the fact of the matter is that here is where the big dogs play and u cannot expect have a very outcome if u have so many misspellings and so on that only superficially make your work look not very professional indeed …

after that u have most importantly some problems of flatness and lack of global originality and some typo issues and rather "weak"hierarchy of information

the first flyer is very tasteful, no doubt that is looking rather nice if u ask em but honesty the lack of originality is here as u failed to really introduce that makes this item differ from others at this stage , there is a deja vu feeling , if u wish
some font combinations that u have done are simply not working despite front being really far from revolutionary to say the least, think about introducing more variations and also more font combinations in style that are matching u have a rather modern typo in the general way and u end up with this way older thing that u used for “tastefully furnished” this is clearly not matching
in addition , u have alignment issues just like for the title description and price in which the spacing looks very uncertain and quite "random, which is killing a bit of the harmony that u managed to create otherwise all the same
u have issues of contrast a bit too , the grey parts are too dark on my view and do not help elements on top to pop out … this is even more a problem when we are dealing with the logo which is something meant to be valued …
the icons look so very small that they bring nothing to the table and most importantly do not look good as such
u have texts a bit flagged in all directions
finally having so many color versions when most of them do not make your item look particularly good is rather counter productive if u ask me …

for the second flyer
well this is super basic, this is not even deja vu in this case , there are thousands of this i think … colors are not matching well and the very dark blue color does not match the profession theme color if u ask me … the name in the logo i failing to contrast enough with the background and hard to figure out why the footer is the only part not being flagged in the left … the blue logo in the green one is not a super idea in terms of aesthetics and harmony too ///

for the third
the content is globally very tasteful and i guess that the main problem about this item is that this is most likely to really not look particularly creative or original and that there are many already existing flyers using the same color combinations, the same kind of dispositions and shapes, and the same kind of typo with nothing really new inside … u also have a small contrast issue for our vision and beyond which kills a bit the hierarchy that u had created indeed
maybe pictures of individuals could have be better chosen lol the main guy has a strange face in my view lol though posture and positioning are very interesting …

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no u do not have to think about for “next submissions” all the guys who mention this end up doing the same thing over and over again and end up coming back here to wander why that had their item rejected again … this is sup to u , though what i try o mention here is that most of the people fail to realize how to apply what was said with new items and turn out to repeat the same mistake infitinetly with next things that they create …

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I am really sorry for posting all 3 flyers together :frowning: will not do same thing again.

I am very grateful to you for your important feedback!
Kind Regards

I will follow every feedback in my every design definitely :heart_eyes:
not only “Next Submission” :relaxed:

u are welcome , never mind but pls try o think about it for next time so that it can help us to help u lol

so start with this one as i mentioned this is better …


Sorry if I’m sticking my nose in the matter mate, but with all due respect, and I’m not trying to be a smarta** either, if we’re saying to @pixisign that spelling mistakes will make his projects and work look unprofessional, don’t you think it would be appropriate for yourself to check your spelling, use the correct punctuation and also proper grammar?
Having said that, your advises are greatly appreciated.

Happy New Year to all at ENVATO :blush:

LOL this is not in my designs, and i spend a lot of time to help others so yes i do not always have time to check everything about the way i express … i am not a english native either, but i have a master degree in languages … if u are not happy with some mistypings, punctation or whatever , it’s simple, do not read my comments they were not addressed to u anyways! LOL


Defensive, arrogant, but fair enough :slight_smile:

Don’t forget everyone can read it and also I expect more respect to the language if you have a degree!

Merci beaucoup

You are totally out of topic. But if you like to double check take some punctuation glyphs and do your job,… ‘’ ‘’ ‘’ ‘’!!! ¡???

Sorry but I am going to close this thread.

It seems like @pixisign has plenty to go on from earlier answers, and it’s starting to move off topic.