Another flyer hard rejection, what are the details to avoid and what did I miss?

Hi there,
I just received a hard rejection email from the envato quality team, thank you again for clarifying me to the shortcomings of this item.

Probably familiarization with standards requires more than changing a few reflexes that come back to the assault at each start of the project and which unfortunately we must get rid of by force of circumstances.

Thanks for your feedback.

Hi @alluredesign17

Sorry for I say you that your design is too basic, but I am not expert in graphicriver.

I invite you my friend author @n2n44 he will help you for approved graphicriver because he is graphic designer experience more years (16+).


hi well , if u ask me there are a variety of things that could be improved indeed. First of , i personally consider that a lot of what u have done here is depending on photos and that it would probably welcome to find a way to push the envelope graphic design wise so that your item ultimately looks more original, worked out and definitely offering an additional value if u wish … Look, at the moment, imagine that the item is approved that it is finding a buyer base and that someone actually buys it … the person may look a bit disappointed at the time they open the file and that none of the pictures are inside as , graphically speaking , there will be very little left in the downloadable /downloaded file … . Then, for me, the disposition of texts is way too linear indeed. Pls do not get me wrong, i do not necessarily mean that this is systematically bad but this, combined with the fact that u have no real divider , partition, r whatever else tends to rather make the thing a bit confused visually speaking. Besides, there is also an issue as far as texts go, since some of the are hardly contrasting enough from the background and thus turn out ending up being hard to read. I have a bit of a problem with the positioning on the text on the left … it looks approximately disconnected from everything …


Hi, thank you first of all for your answer which seems really relevant to me or you drew my attention to a very important element which is none other than the commercial potential of sale which should figure among the things which must be taken into consideration in the design of any product intended to be used by equally different buyers, since the idea of the single customer is something to rule out in this case.

yeah and think about it buddy … why would a reviewer let an item go if they feel like this is having no potential ? even if the thing looked good , if there appears to face close to no potential , this is not worth the drive approving it … in many cases this kind of thing is hard to identify but when it comes to item being rather easily or quickly being redone, this is definitely a point … anyway i hope the comments could help u to get to know how to fix things up , if u have enough clues, pls check the “solution” box , good work and good luck buddy :slight_smile:

Always a pleasure to exchange ideas with you. One last thing, the artistic and graphic culture stands out from one country to another even if the codes are more or less the same, what can be adopted by this one will not necessarily be by the other, you See what I mean. Thanks again.

u are definitely right … but let’s not do as if most of the sales were not in western countries … the culture of all these countries is also wide spreading for long, we may regret or be happy about it , this is not my point … (everyone has their opinion about it …) but the fact of the matter is that u have more interest commercially speaking to adapt to europe and north america rather than to other places indeed