Rejected my flyer in GraphicRiver

Hello community, I am ayoub from morocco.
Every time I upload my items on GraphicRiver they rejected me. :sob: :sob:
Can you help me to find the problems to be able to improve my future uploads?
My item is a FLYER.
Preview URL : Preview.jpg - Google Drive

Any help I will be thankful.


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hi there are some interesting things a bit as regard to the originality indeed, though, let’s face it, u have a good deal of issues to deal with this far. I guess I will start with the main points as regard to such a corporate item indeed
1- contrast
this is a basic design principle and as such this is a very bad idea to mess with it … this is usually bring people into facing other problems in snowball effect and u are indeed no exception about it, unfortunately. U have to make sure that texts and the background under offer contrast enough with each other so that the item gets one step above when it comes to efficiency and usability , too see the additional points to finish dealing with this topic indeed
2- alignment
what u have to figure out here is that this is not only a template that u turn out to offer here but this is also a compare item in the meanwhile, too. In other words, something that people will expect from u in particular is to handle everything as professionally and in as a disciplined way so that the item serve its corporate purposes. For corporate items, less creativity is being expected so to speak , people rather wait for perfect arrangement as far as several points are concerned, starting with alignment but not only, since when it comes to contrast, spacing , disposition and abiding the reading process go …
3- spacing
if u want the document to look really properly created, u have to make sure that this third basic design principle is being handled as expected. This will have a really positive impact on the flyer overall if u can make sure that spacing is as perfect as it can possibly be, all will look more readable , cleanly arranged and so on
4- flagging
this goes a bit pari pass with spacing and alignment indeed. Make sure that the flagging is coherent and not varying too much depending on context and so on, this will make the flyer look cleaner, once again. Look at the header for instance , u have the three different possible flaggings out there … this looks messy in the end
5- readability
this point has been partially evoked in the previous points but what I want to emphasize here is that the contrast issue paired with having texts on top of a picture, a complex background or whatever will inexorably lead u to be confronted with issues related to readability in the end …
6- hierarchy of information
this is still a direct consequence from the contrast violation if I call it this way … some items that should pop out, prevail and so on actually turn out to be relegated to secondary information status out of not being given the proper environment so to speak and we can also wander why’s some parts of some titles are being given less exposure, attention and impact since u have decided to change its color so that this not only breaks unity but also makes so parts less punchy and less in keeping with their title status for instance
7- breathing
in the end, u do not have so much work in te background or soooooo many elements but this is looking globally rather crammed all the same and lacking breathing, the summer 2021, special promo and so on is a good illustration of this , this is choking out of concentrating elements and failing to add white spaces enough so that elements can breathe. this is being also reinforced due to such things as placing some elements too close from edges and margins, like the logo in both side for example …
8- preview file
pls keep in mind that this part is important and this is sort of an interface between u and your item and the reviewer and potential buyers afterwards . The thing here is that having too long and too compact descriptions with multiple lines is not only not aesthetic but this is preventing from reading properly … too bad when u expect people to do it, right?


Hello dear,

Thank you for your time, thank you very much for the reply i will take these noted into consideration


hi happy if this could help u , if u haver enough clues as regard to what to do , pls check the solution box. Good work and good luck :slight_smile:

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Hello dear, i hope you doing well, the same problem I 'll try to submit two time but the same problem
Please can you check one of them for me

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this item is rather creative but u have some issues to deal with including some very major ones indeed. the first one that I see is as regard to contrast and titling. The fact of the matter is that your titling is definitely not outstanding as it should be and this , mixed with the problem related to contrast is definitely impacting the hierarchy of information very badly indeed. What are people expecting for? that the central text, in other words, the most important information of all is being visible, very readable and as outstanding as it could be. the problem here is that the effect that u made plus the lack of contrast of colors is simply turning your item into really not super efficient to say the least. U have to figure out that contrast is not a small deal, this is a real one, as this is part of the basic design principle and thus something definitely not smart messing with …by the way it is probably the worst of all of them, since this gets people to confronted with other big time issues in a snowball effect indeed, like readability and hierarchy of information issues , which turn out to be major ones, as well. By the way , as we are talking about basic design principles, it looks like that all is not aligned completely properly and this is a big deal too (see both left and right block text in the upper part of the flyer). The logo is not only given very little attention , impact and exposure as such - since this is not breathing too by the way , for too close from left and bottom edges - but it is placed in the possible ways if u have any idea of what “z-shape reading process” actually is , in other words if u understand how eyes usually sweep across any kind of document in order to read it … this process also determines the right places for elements to be placed so that they are in impact zones, to sum up without explaining the whole “process” , well , major impact zones are top left, bottom right and the very center of the canvas … Globally , otherwise, if u ask me the typo is a bit flat and I do not like the use of italic that looks old and seem to come out of the blue in the upper part and the global organization and occupation of the space is a bit busy or dense and having slightly more breathing would be welcome. However u have a rather cool base to work with, if u can fix these things I guess the flyer can make it for sale :slight_smile:

don’t you use Margin lines? your text object is below. Print Templates Requirements – Envato Author Help Center

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Hello dear Blaxid,
thank you for your time, please if you can checke the file and tell me what do you think .
Here is the file : Flyer.psd - Google Drive

Thank you :relaxed:

your margins are very messy, you are not following the guidelines of the margins, I hope you still have to learn more. you can visit envato tuts+

You have a good base and love the background but. Your margins are not good. Also the model her hair on the right side is cut of bad. The main title is to big and to many letters. Try to give the title a shorter name and delete the gradiënt effect. It makes the title not popped out. Work on the hierarchy too.