Please help me. Which reason this flyer rejected on graphic river?

Please Help in Expert. Which reason this flyer rejected on graphic river?

Your flyers are outdated. There are many similar flyers already accepted. You need to be more creative and bring something original.


Thank you so much.

Hi Ahmedians, I thought you need to be more innovative by following the current trend

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Thank you so much

hi there are many things to comment indeed , so let’s start with what matters the most if u ask me … this is not about a lack of originality or a deja feeling that your items are inspiring, this is much more serious than this indeed. The fact of the matter is that all of your work or almost hard close to unreadable due to a lack of contrast … by using colors lacking to pop out enough from the background there are many negative impacts as regard to readability , exposure, and hierarchy , this is also making this type of item pretty inefficient, to tell u how I feel as corporate flyer and not supposed to be overly creative all the same but people are waiting for them to be extremely well arranged , flawless might add, globally but in particular when it comes to respecting basic design principles and here, as I suggested ,u are breaking several … after all what’s the point about having a corporate flyer if texts can’t be read , just think about it …

Thank You so Much

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