Can you tell me please, why my flyer is rejected

Hello there, I am new here and my flyer is rejected. I have read every guide, but still i don’t understand the reason to rejection. Please Help me to find my mistakes!!
flyer Preview|500x500

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hi well there are a good collection of things to fix with this flyer to say the least, let’s start

1- contrast
indeed this is a basic design principle and this alone can be the reason for your item to be rejected … violating it is not done and is thus pretty much of a bad idea, as this is not only a violation of basic rules but, this is also bringing you into facing further troubles in a snowball effect , pls see the following points. This contrast issue is due a little bit to the text colors as very often when people are not offering contrast enough but not only, in this case, this is also due to the disposition of the text and the fact that they are placed on a complex background, too
2- readability
indeed, this is resulting from point 1 , but the fact of th matter is that texts are not super visible to say the least and they do not spring out as required and what is the point to have texts if they are not given the right attention and are hardly readable?
3- hierarchy
let’s face it the way u organized text is very flat and the contrats issues contributes to underline the lack of hierarchy that u put in the typo part indeed
4- text disposition and global organization
sorry to say just this, but there is much to do about it, indeed, hard to identify what is the guideline here … this is going everywhere at the same time, the eyes get lost in the process, besides, have u ever heard about “z-shape reading process”? this determines the natural move of eyes to go through a document … this helps to determine important spots where to put important data as well as it identifies ficus points
5- breathing
this is lacking out there … some texts are positioned too close from the edges indeed, this gives the document the feeling that the concerned texts are “choking”
6- alignment
this is another basic design principle that u are violating here, this is linked to the very random like organization indeed
7- model
not a good choice if u ask me … u had trouble to handle it by the way , pls check the net point
8- execution
i do not know what is the point , either u had trouble to cut the woman’s hair or u tried to kind of introduce a sort of effect but the fact of the matter is that in the end, this looks like an execution problem more than any other thing. There is also that looks like a line on the left hand side, i cannot identify what this is but it clearly looks like a failed execution
9- finition
there should be some shadows at least to smoothen the face r to show sort of reflection on what is under


Also there are way to much effects used without no reason.


Aww th I have YOU