Why my flyer rejected?

Again! You copied low res “free resources” from questionable websites and you wondering why you got reject. Also how did you manage to isolate that model so poorly?

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hi pls do not take this personally but the bottom line is that I really believe it’s not good looking at all… as for me I do not know if u copied something or not and honestly at this stage, even if I disagree with this, I tend to believe that this is not the point , because u should rather copy something else or do something else out of it , this is simply very far from standards in my view …
1- global style
sorry I do not know how to express this any other way , do not take this personally , ok? but for me the thing is really not aesthetic at all … If u ask me this is rather raw to say the least what u have here right now and u should put a bit more effort in the background in particular and globally push the envelope graphic design wise indeed … I would also add that there is just no real harmony or coherence whatsoever if u ask me at this stag and there is much to say as regard to the execution, pls see next point …
2- execution
I guess this is not superfluous to remind u that this place is a professional marketplace and that this is getting more and more saturated as there are more and more people in town, more and more items in the different catalogues and so on , so that there is definitely no space for items with messy organization , badly cut models and so on …
3- organization
I am not sure that u have heard about the usual way eyes are getting through a document - no matter what this is - this is what I usually call “z-shape reading process” that not only determines how eyes are sweeping across the document, but also turn out to establish impact zones but if u do the bottom line is that u failed to make the most of this knowledge since texts seem to be placed anarchically disregarding of the supposed hierarchy of information of diverse texts… besides why putting a text like an email vertically, close to the edge, over a complex background and in a color that does not insure that the concerned text can pop out and be read? in other words what is the point of putting a text that is close not be read or meant to be read as regard to the positioning? see next point pls
4- contrast
fortunately enough u violated this basic design principle but did not do it much … but in the end, as usual with all the people who do u are facing the very same consequences … lack of contrast > hardly readable text, lack of impact and attention for the concerned information and distorted hierarchy …
5- hierarchy of information
I started to evoke this in the previous point, no need to repeat the first part. Otherwise do u realize that some information that could be considered as secondary information and sideway one turn to be more visible than the club name? “Where” is a part of the “what, who, where, when” and must prevail as this is the information that people are looking for and thus must be noticed. Besides, it simply makes no sense at all to position the mentioned text there , to give it this color and size and so on when it comes to branding … . Pls see next point.
6- branding
Let’s face it , what is your potential buyer looking for after all? this is promoting the place that they own and where the event takes places. In other words , they need the name of their brand and club to be noticed, identifiable , valued and remembered as much as possible and this is failing to do just this at the moment … . BY the way , still about branding, u have no space available at all to place a logo if required , which is a bit too bad all the same
7- Typo
Apart from the central combination that looks rather nice, what u have in terms of typo otherwise ir rather flat and tasteless and really lacking relief if u ask me. Pls consider bringing more variation, font combinations and some possible touches of originality so that u can generate more extra value for this part and for the whole flyer in the process, as well
8- spacing
if u as me the slanted stripe like this in this context is definitely not a good idea as u did not manage to handle it properly and bring some spacing trouble to the table as well. There is also a matter of homogeneity so to speak the header and footer are not “treated equally” when it comes to spacing, this brings disharmony in the equation
9- breathing
if I were u would bring everything slightly down to free some space in the header part because at the moment this is simply not breathing at all and this takes some impact, attention, aesthetic away from this area indeed. If it helps to solve things, just take away that slanted stripe or make it straight and just free the space that u need to fix this thing