My Flyer Design was rejected due to reasons which are not clear to me.

Here is the comment from Envato Quality team reviewer:

Unfortunately your submission doesn’t meet our current minimum technical quality requirements for the category it was submitted to.

Can anybody help me with where did it went wrong with my design?

Its More like a custom design - not like a flyer template

I am new to Graphics Designing. Can you clarify what does flyer template looks like?

hi indeed, the subject of te thread if not exact … the reasons maybe unclear for u but not necessarily otherwise indeed.
1- typo
Part of the main reasons is that the typo definitely is miles away from the very high standards expected here. The two fonts u have used are not matching at all and they seem completely disconnected from the design and theme , in addition …
2- readability, coherence and harmony
still about more or less typo issues, I feel like mentioning, as this is worth the drive if u ask me, that not only is there a problem of coherence and harmony , but this is not any better when it comes to readability, too …
3- composition or cut picture?
is the composition a whole block from the beginning or a real composition that may be modified if required
4- realism and finition
indeed, here how the thing looks from the outside, it looks like that u have a table with things upon and completely “pasted” behind a bakground not matching with the theme, style and everything
5- organization of the text
this point is more or less linked to readability as well … have u ever heard about reading process? what could be called z-shape reading process. The eye will start looking across the document from top left to top right, then go slanted way to bottom left part and ultimately end in the bottom right zone … all this with a focus point in the middle of the document … in other words, at this stage, eyes get lost in the research of information with what u have right now …
6- shadowing
for me there are several areas in which the shadowing is not convincing enough at the moment
, starting with the texts , too as this will help to make them spring a bit out of the background. u need at the very least to ut some shadows behind the bottle and glass so that u can also add some depth to the composition …
7- hierarchy of information
well, i do not know how to say … there is nothing at all about it , this is simple, there is only only level of content sorting if i can call it this way … u should have at least a primary and secondary type of information and text “looks” depending on it … decorations, boldness, size and so on … here this is all flat , at the same level, monolithic
8- bleeding guidelines
i think that this is good to remind u that a flyer, is in most cases, especially a landscape one like this, meant to be printed … if u place your info in such a footer, this is almost guarantied that the text gets cuts at the trimming … if u are lucky - very lucky i might add - and this is not , u can rest assured that the content will be “choking” out of being placed definitely way too close from the bottom margin indeed … besides, let add this … the footer is looking so very strange that i though that it was a sort of note added under the preview only and not meant to be part of the flyer actually …
9- execution
if u really wanna make a text follow a path, just like u have done with the barrel, then, make sure that the think is really well executed enough and that the text does not look strange
10- logo
there is an effort not to make something too basic, the problem is that , honestly , it looks like coming out of the blue with such a theme … not to mention that the bullet under is very unapproriate … too small, , too rounded , until the logo looks like choking inside …
11- lighting
the kind of lighting that u have initiated at this stage basically means that u need to have more shadowing on the right part of the table …


you can check them here :

Why does Enavto takes 3-4 days to review?

Because of the sheer volume of people submitting items (well into the thousands of submissions a month).

The delay is as much, if not more, at authors’ than at envato’s end.

Also you can’t just shove some inconsitent (some of it looks like Word Art?!) text over a Shutterstock image and submit that.

lol this is a very small waiting time if they really stick to this … just a few days back , i had my item reviewed after 26 days … 3-4 days is the minimum waiting … sometimes, out of nowhere u get an item reviewed in a few hours, but this is super scarce , 3-4 days is great, especially if the waiting could be stable …


You just ruined a nice barrel and beer image.

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lol this is a harsh one …