Why My flyer got rejected!

Why this item got rejected

hi this is globally too much of a “deja vu” kind of item, there are already plenty of this in the market and this is completely decreasing the commercial potential of what u have here , not to mention that there is much to improve so that this is reaching the standards apart from the lack of “new things” brought to the table … look , u have a real issue with with contrast and color choices for texts so that either the texts do not pop put as expected but that they are also very hardly readable to say the least. The issue being that why would a flyer useful if u cannot read the information that this is including? icons are too flat , too thin and hard to notice and globally there is not enough graphic design here , according to me , which basically means that u need to push the envelope and bring more work, effort , elements and originalities in this one …u should create a decent professional looking fake logo and place it appropriately. The idea of placing the main title in the right side like this is not a good idea and makes me think that u have never heard about z-shape reading process (the way the eyes scroll over the document to read the information)

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Thanks a lot for all these infos, i’m new here so i’m still learning about the wanted standers in the marketplace.

Thanks again

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same goes for all the people , do not worry , just try to fix and to bring your game to the next level :slight_smile: if u have enough clues as to know how to do with my comment, just click the solution box :slight_smile: good luck and good work