Help needed - first time on Graphic River and got rejection

Hey guys,

I’ve just uploaded my first item on graphic river and i’ve got a rejection and i’m not sure why. Can you guys take a look and let me know what you think?

I found it difficult to export the image previews and thumbnails in a good resolution level, so perhaps that’s it?..any tips on that would be great!


I think it’s definitely due to it being too simple, and the fact that you’re not supplying much in the file.

I’m guessing you don’t own commercial rights to that image, correct? If that’s the case, you can’t supply the image in your file, so all that’s left is 3 bits of text at the top, which is not enough to be considered a premium item on a marketplace.

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hi u have a variety of issues indeed … first of all , as mentioned by @XioxGraphix the global style is quite flat and basically consists in a picture melting with the background and some titles in the header … this is clearly not enough as, moreover, let’s face it , if all was so very hugely executed, maybe it could have made it though this is simple, but u have quite a lof of other issues as well …
eve in yellow on top of grey is hardly readable unless paying attention , this is not popping out , obviously and this , apart from contrast issues, also brings hierarchy of information issues in the meanwhile … a lot of information is lacking… the club name, the time , basically there is no footer and no side way information , in otherwords, this amounts to saying that the flyer looks not well thought and not practical and this with a limited commercial potential. iN addition , the logo , i identify that this is meant to be replaced , but this is not well placed, this is not visible and neither is this aesthetic too …

Guys, thanks so much for all your help, really is appreciated and all taken on board!

I’ve gone away and thought of another design, do you think this one is a better idea @n2n44 @XioxGraphix ?

i like the light effect though the global disposition is not good if u ask me , it looks a bit like u placed all elements randomly but zones were u position texts have an impact on hierarchy , readability , attention that is is given and so on …

in a general way the hierarchy of information is too flat or not completely coherent … see the club name … this would be outstanding for instance … the free glass as a secondary information is also quite a matter of possible discussion as well … because a club may like to promote about it and find it as a way to attract people and thus they would need to value it …

u have a distance as well between the central part and sideways … the center is crammed and sideways a bit too empty …

the typo is too flat , lacking originality , variations and font combinations …

the contrast could be better between some elements and the back , too

the spacing need to be reworked … header and footer are too close from edges and this is not “breathing well” at this stage …

I love how you just criticise, despite the improvements made from your last comments and despite the fact that you can see this design is good quality.

It’s looking very simple and also at the top “THE DUKE” looks pretty odd. Most importantly it does not look like a flyer. Lack of design can be an issue. You have to work on typography and do some design.

ok buddy , if so help yourself … i tell how i feel … looks like u want people to tell u how huge this is … so this is really huge do not change anything and repost lol

i have a master degree in languages , you genius! if u cannot accept criticism and think u do everything very well , good luck to u, keep on doing the same thing , it works pretty well …

first of all to see the concerned improvements, it would take u to rework the same item … how to make sure that the improvement is not just a lucky strike …

so let me see it … maybe i am really being wrong about it , but i doubt so, however , we never know … besides , just for your information and to close my discussion with u, there are some things that turned u to be approved that i even really like without i identify them as being absolutely perfect … besides i do not believe that anything is rejected for one reason only but for a combination of reasons, actually and that some f them may be subjective, too … it seems to me that i spent quite a time to explain to u what u had to fix IN MY OPINION (as i do not have universal knowledge and have never pretended to do it) and the bottom line is that it was not only about a single thing …

Thanks for your feedback mate, what do you think of the second version which I’ve posted in the replies?

you can challenge whatever u like anyways … lol here u will get only opinions! as many opinions as guys answering - as i usually mention and as i use to add afterwards, only the reviewer who turned out to handle your item knows the very reason why your flyer did not make it - but if u are acting like this , u may not get anyone to answer but once again this is just my opinion … LOL

my work is in my style lol this is not supposed to be perfect , i am just a hard worker confronted with a long run in a small design agency and i have never been pretending to be anything else but this … but i put what i have into what i do, whether u like it or not …

as for what u have written, i may have failed to express many things when trying to help and to explain to some guys how to take their game to the next level (IN MY VIEW) and i will try to pay more attention to what i am saying and the way i am expressing in the future. I will try to focus on the way i formulate things a bit more from now on

for me this conversation is ending up here, i wish u the best of luck not only with your issue here but also for your whole GR run, i think that u have some rather cool potential in fact , to be honest , this is how i feel , i tried to help but did not manage to do it …some other guys will be better suited for this in my view and no doubt that they will give u good pieces of “advice” or directions, good luck

Honestly, I think the visual appeal of the first one was far better than the second.

The photo for the second one is nice, but some of the design elements don’t really do it justice. The way “NYE” is displayed almost looks like it’s a watermark logo. Since this is a New Years Eve flyer, it would be a good idea to make “NYE” more prominent, to make it obvious what it’s for, and give it a bit of flair.

The other part that I have a problem with is the way you did “Tue 31st Dec”. The colour of the banner doesn’t really fit with the overall theme, and the lightness of it makes the text a little hard to read. The primary bits of info that should be the easiest and fastest to see are the most hidden in this (“NYE”, and the date).

Overall though I think you still have the main problem of the first one, being that the main draw is the image, which again I’m guessing you don’t have the rights to, so you can’t supply it with the file, which doesn’t leave the buyer with much aside from a bit of text. If you do have full commercial rights to the image, then that’s great, but if not, then it’s a big issue.

I know it can be difficult to do since it’s almost always the photo as the main eye catching subject, but what you supply as a design also needs to be visually appealing, and complex enough that it can’t be copied within a few minutes. You should try to do something interesting with the text, like some patterns, texture, etc. or include a fancy border or other design elements that are exclusive to this flyer. If everything in your flyer can be created with the default tools of Illustrator/Photoshop, then it’s not enough.

On another note. No one here is trying to put you or your work down, we’re just giving our opinions as to how you can improve your designs, and giving some insight into what should be included with your files. What we say aren’t always “set in stone” rules, but rather personal opinions based on experience and other rejected items that we’ve seen here. Your item was rejected for a reason, and even though we don’t know the exact reason why, we’re doing our best to help you not get rejected in the future. If the reviewer hasn’t given you a more detailed notice as to what you need to do, then you can’t resubmit the same item again, you’ll have to make some significant changes which change the entire look of the flyer(s).

Your both flyers looks amatorish. Typography doesn’t pair and overall composition is outdated. Selling potential is very low because anyone can reproduce your flyers in minutes with minimum Photoshop skills.

Hi mate, thanks for taking the time to respond and to actually put it across in a constructive feedback manner. Think i’m now getting the idea of what is needed and will give it one last shot following your advice - thanks man, appreciated.

Oh and see below, I think there’s plenty of people on here just looking to jack their own ego by putting others down and not actually helping…hmm how to reply to him?

I’m so pleased when I see arogants like you crying over their rejections. This marketplace is already overcrowded and your rejection means one more chance for me to get exposure and sell. Keep in mind this is a marketplace not a school or some kind of place where you are fully supported. I encourage you to work your next item in the same way. So, fair well young padawan and may the rejection be with you!

2 r’s in arrogant - don’t worry, you’ll get there soon little Timmy

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