Help needed - first time on Graphic River and got rejection

Different fonts. Alignment issues. You got another rejection.

jokes aside though, it’s incredibly frustrating to get people saying that your skills are amateurish. But apologies for lashing out, I wish you all the best with your sales and marketplace which is ultimately why we are all here.

I think i’m just gonna give up with this as appears as though most people think my items aren’t good enough, oh well - at least I tried!

Don’t give up, that’s not how you improve.

How much design experience have you had prior to submitting your items? In my opinion, you shouldn’t try to sell on a marketplace like this unless you’ve had plenty of experience in the industry already, a few years at least. If flyers is what you want to do, then spend some time designing a bunch of different flyers, go crazy with some, try different styles and workflows, look up lots of different examples on real world and marketplace flyers, maybe you’ll find some that could be better, so copy that design and make it better. If you want, you can make another tread on the forum here and ask for our opinions again, but don’t make those flyers as something that you expect to upload to the market, just make them as practice.

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This is a genuine guideline

Please don’t use this jargon as it’s annoying and humalating too.

well obviously nothing humiliating had been said to me in the first place, hu!!! not to mention that if i use "LOL " on regular basis this is because i am rather joyful guy (and i admit that it may happen that i use it ironically, too, but if so this is because i feel like this is legitimate, whether u like it or not! i am not sheep and i have no intention to get mowed and if u do not like it it doesn’t not change anything!) and i like joking but maybe u prefer gloomy individual greening at everything, is that it?!
besides, i am sorry but was this conversation being between u and i or something ?! maybe i missed an episode but as far as i can remember it was not … so was this supposed to be your business so that u feel like commenting this part?! finally, this is incredible that a guy who spends so much time to try to help other people’s in the bull’s eye. As for u, trying to burn people in the public place is not “annoying” and certainly not “humiliating” obviously …

they are not buddy … u need to improve a few things in your items and u just need to identify two things … it takes a lot of time to adjust to marketplace style and to the related expectations … and that it takes a whole lot of time (unless people are geniuses…) to build a really good designer producing very good items all the time … look at me it took me 4 years to be able to manage to get in the design business and i am struggling ever since lol (over 16+ years in a small agency). I know that this is harsh to absorb some criticism but honestly , i think that u are far away from realizing the kind of trashtalking that u are sent by customers from small agencies some times … and this is in an attempt to try to help that i provided u maybe with a harsh comment , maybe, yes , certainly awkward, no doubt, as i am not an english native but also as complete and detailed as possible (even maybe some formulations were not the best that i could have used …). U must not give up, believe me , some guys with far less potential made a hole for themselves here , keep on working, keep on trying but keep in mind that pieces of advice may help u if u are opened minded enough to listen and try to use them as a motivation not to always bring your game to the next level until people cannot do any other thing than admit that u are a good designer, period …

i tried to explain so bit it seems i have failed to convey the message , well done buddy , your explanation were clearer …

I think , sorry not think but I am sure you are talkative too. LOL

so do not read my messages … u will not be confronted with this problem lol

It’s really LoL

if u say so ! LOL