Item second time rejected


Hello to my fellow graphic river-er,

I just want your opinion, i just got started here at graphicriver
I already submit 2 times but got hard rejection,
Is it my artwork is not good or what?
Or is it because of my files that got me rejected.
For the second item I already ask around my designer friends and they say its okay already
but it still got rejected anyway :sweat:

Thank you for your help.


hi buddy there are continuously more authors and items and thus due to the high number of submissions, there are also lots of rejections , but keep working hard and everything will be alright :wink: now, if u want more advice, u should post some of your works :wink: GL in any case :wink:


Well, it is pretty hard to comment without seeing it, but you nailed it, “designer friends”!

Your friends aren’t going to tell you that it isn’t very good, or they don’t like this or that?

GR standards are pretty high, so if you show us something here, that your family and friends say is wonderful, and it gets rejected, we will tell you why.

You won’t get very far here, if we all say it is great when it has some issues.

I have seen some show up here, think that there work is wonderful, and their friends think likewise, so they attack the reviewers and talk about how right they are?

Then months later come back here, with a long list of rejections, saying that they might have been wrong?

It is not uncommon to have 10 failures in a row, l got lucky with my first one, but had 8 failures before l got one flyer in.

Best to buy one of your competitors products, to see how they organize it, and study latest additions to see how they did it.

Good luck.



Competition is tough my friend. There are lots of people submitting their art work. You need to make unique art to get selected.


Thanks guys for the guide.
Appreciate it :sunglasses:
Now i know


sorry Shane, i can’t agree with you, real friends wold tell you if this is not good … now, they would probably also try to inisit a bit more on what 's positive than hammering systematically on what’s not god enough , also to motivate but in my view there’s nothing negative about this. I see no guy working and giving the very best of himself when he’s been petrified with fear of doing something not good enough. Complete lack of confidence is very harmful. If over confidence is not good, especially on the long run, being exceedingly in doubt, is just harmful and the doubts that u have in your mind, finally end up being negative indeed

otherwise, what u said is right, there’s a rather high expectation here, however there are also some flaws and some good things do not make it when it lower quality items do it … no system is perfect actually, which is easy to understand but sometimes a bit hard to swallow for the guys wo have to deal with it …

u are also basically right , some newcomers in particular would like to go to fast and believe that nyhting they do is incredible when this is not what happens, however, even if a few guys have not yet understood that they have to pay their dues here and work hard to bring good stuff to the table, let’s face it also there are also some pretty poor or flat which manage to go through without anyone manages to understand how they could do just that. What sometimes fail to understand is that , for any author coherence is much of an issue and all would like to be on an equal footing , which basically means that they have to deal with some of the were things that we can see here sometimes

However, u are basically right this place is on top when it comes to marketplaces and there are true killers here and, with the huge number of submissions , some works have to be rejected so that there’s a guaranty for good quality work in a general way and for these items not to be overflowed with flatter items … and all this is very difficult to deal with for envato in my view, especially with a still growing number of items and authors, that’s why all authors have to give the very best if themselves to make sure that have as less items as possible being rejected

buying a “competitor’s item” might be a nice idea, but i also would rather recommend for newbies and for all the people who have a lot of trouble to have their items approved to inspired from good works accepted daily , getting inspiration from others , plus analyzing what’s good and why is much of good solution to take one’s game to the next level


in a way u are right now , i can repeat to you what a good seller who is staying here for long once told me : “creative works are not the ones selling the most” and for uniqueness, we are all supposed to do, however i can tell you the names of a handful of guys who come with the same thing over and over again and get approved unfortunately, until they saturate the market …


sorry to tell you just that but at this time, no u do not know anything … you did not show your works this far and thus have basically no idea why u get rejected as often as u mentioned … i recommend that u just show us and we’ll tell you exactly how we feel about your items


Thanks man for the advice,

Maybe my design is too common,

*it stand for unity

About the file I think i should buy items to see how authors arrange it

Many thanks n2n44 & tmcom


for me rather than buying, what’s most important this is to see a lot of things in approved items, to analyze them and make the most of it to take yourself to the next level, now it may not hurt that buy an item … apart from this, the problem that i have with your work is that i have no idea what this is supposed to be all about … is that supposed to be a logo? because if so, then u are failing to provide with a typo and thus u have absolutely no chance whatsoever to get approved … if this is a “simple” illustration, then i guess that the problem is that no one identifies exactly what this is for an how to use, hence the rejection …


Okay thanks man, appreciate it :grinning:

I’m working on something new now,

Looking forward to get approve!


That suppose to be a logo,

I put a typo beside the logo,

That is the only file i got :smiley:


hey buddy this is hard to guess unless u tell us lol otherwise, try to think about it , u need to make people feel like gaining some time with buying your logo, if not getting into something too complex ma be good, this is also not to make people feel this is sort of simple, try to think about if for next time and try to find tha extra originality that will make a difference :wink: