My items are consistently rejected. somebody please tell me whats wrong with this design?

I see no issues here mate. If I was your client I would have accepted this because it’s looks good. Don’t know about the requirements from your client?

I don’t know why they did my design reject. Almost 100+ design already are rejected by graphicriver reviewer. They just destroy me.

With respect, given how competitive this category is I’m not entirely convinced this is unique or refined enough just yet.

There is quite a lot going on in terms of elements and styles, which makes it feel a bit cramped and hard to be consistent and ensure attention to details

The priority areas I think could do with some work would be:

  1. typography esp font choices and hierarchy

  2. spacing - again this is made harder with a busy design

Also those two sections “get 35%” and “about us” I personally don’t think work next to each other as they unintentionally become quite hard to read and make the content and margins look inconsistent

Can you suggest me about this design please?

I actually prefer this one but they have similar issues with typography, and fine- tuning the details e.g.

The header content would look better centrally (height) positioned

Green left slant (40%) would look better aligned to the blue slant peak to the left of ‘we take care’ above it

Would benefit from a footer, even if just a coloured block and URL

Can I make any application for the chaining reviewer?

No not really - otherwise everyone who disagreed with a decision would do this and nothing would cause chaos.

Thank you so much sir.

This is not reviewer issue. I read comments and post about review process all the time and people are talking like “where is the feedback” or “why it’s rejected”… etc. So most of the new authors are getting frustrated for reviewers or review process itself - which is wrong. Your work can be eligible for approval today but same work will be rejected in next year - the market is changing non stop, one item can be wanted in one year and hard rejected in next year because in next years there is 10k new items like this already.

I uploaded about 38 items since january 22 - 2 of them was rejected, rest of them got approved.

Today was my last item in this series and got soft rejected and I got information that the reason is files issue like “we can not open the files”. I asked reviewer for more info and I got really detailed feedback what is the problem - so I made improvements, I reduced file size, saved them again etc. and got approved.

So this is not about reviewers, I don’t want to tell which reviewer it was because I respect their privacy but I never met reviewer rejecting my work “because of bad day” or something…

Rejection happens - you said you got 100+ items rejected now - so where is your action? after 5 or max 10 rejections it’s time for serious thinking about changing strategy, category or work style itself :slight_smile:

Uploading items is like shooting with gun, you shoot with 9mm and it doesn’t work so change the gun :slight_smile: What I mean - you have to be very flexible, if something is rejected again and again you should check what is market - is it big? are my works unique enough? are there thousands items same like my items? There is many factors to be considered, this is how this works this days because we are working on very competetive market -> and things are going to be harder, believe me :slight_smile:

So don’t give up, don’t search problem in review process or reviewer… rething your works from every possible side and change strategy, category, style… this is the way to make it approved.

My example… I was thinking what can I do for party / event flyer / poster category - very competetive category (I mean VERY competetive) - so I made “nostromo party poster” with abstract drawing of alien :slight_smile: without care if his work is not compatible with disco, beach party etc. hehe and why? answer is - how many alien (like this one from nostromo) drawings you have on the market where is almost 190 000 print works :slight_smile: you with me? :slight_smile:

Steve Jobs said something very smart => “stay hungry” - fits perfect for our work here :slight_smile: Always search niche, something unique - sometimes even something completely not logic and crazy :slight_smile:

Good Luck! and don’t give up. :slight_smile:


hi indeed u are breaking some basic design principles indeed and only with this , it was hard to imagine that u could make it … there is a bit of alignment issues from one line to the other and there are some texts that turn out to be hardly readable because of the lack on contrast and the problem is that this is , bu snowball effect, also bringing some hierarchy of information troubles in the process. I personally think that the use of italic is really outdated and not aesthetic at all , too. otherwise, the global style is much of a deja vu one indeed … this is lacking originality in the disposition , colors and so on … and in such a saturated market as the one that we have today this is definitely a “risky move”

now for the first flyer on top of the thread …
well first of all , the same comment applies when it comes to originality … this is definitely nothing but deja vu many times already and , once again, in such conditions, this is hard for u to have the item approved … in addition , colors are really not smooth , they are very raw , lacking subtlety finesse indeed. The whole item could easily be redone in a short while and think about it … who would buy something that they would feel like being able to redo easily and quickly … they will thus opt for redoing rather than spending money, not to mention that if they had bought they would have bought something that they would have had to modify as the content is not perfect … globally the typo is very basic and is also emphasizing some hierarchy problems, out of failing to have enough variations, font combinations and so on … the alignment is not ok … not sure where u align things and the eye gets lost because of it … and there are texts flagged in all directions until this is hard to understand the logics behind the creation of this item. icons are too not valued and not enough to make the visual look attractive in such a context globally lacking of graphic design and where u really need to push the envelope … not to mention that icons, just like some texts are not super visible …

Thank you sir.

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pls di not call me sir but Nico, i have the feeling u address my father lol