Rejected Item .... this is INSANE

I’m not sure what’s up with the GraphicRiver review system because a high quality submission has been rejected. This is sad because a lot of time and effort was taken to make this versus some of the poor quality submissions that are approved.

Here’s the artwork

Hello sir/ma’am, i believe the render and all the other elements belongs to you. I think this is really great work. I absolutely liked it. Brilliant job youve done, honestly ive no idea why its rejected. Because apart from the texts and typography the main rendering is amazing. You should try envato help and send ticket

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Yes. I will submit a ticket.

IMO Background is great, but typography looks inbalanced

I have other artwork with similar type of typography but if type was the case then it should have been soft rejected.

hi the contrast is not high enough and the text is hardly readable , this maybe the reason for it makes the item less efficient , same goes with the fact that text are all very small and I suspect that they are even under the 6 point size … the other thing that makes the item less efficient is that for branding matters there is no real space dedicated to valuing a logo , club name or whatever …

Here’s a similar text layout from a cover that was approved last week by the same reviewer.

The contrast is fine IMHO.

That ball has allot more contrast compared with the hand.

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I was referring to the typography of the cover I just uploaded called “Arrival”

Designs must look different from one another and reflect a certain mood. They can’t look the same.

I did not tell u the item was bad , I also gave it a try to do something like u with the main title not contrasting as “artistic choice” and guess what this is was hard rejected … u can give it a try but if the thing is rightfully rejected for an identified reason I guess this is better to accept it …

INSANE, there is no rational reason for hard rejection! Actually, a very strange review process in the web elements category is going on! After years of rare hard rejections, now all my new items in this category are rejected.

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Same here. This would never happen with the previous reviewers. This new guy is the reason for all the rejections. One of my newer items are held for further review. The reviewer pointed out something that needed to be fixed which wasn’t even in my template.

I hope they see how frustrated we are.

In 7 years with this account I have allot of rejections. You guys what you expect to get accepted 100% ?

We also have faced several rejections BUT we know when something isn’t right.

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