Graphic River and rejected items

Ok,i understand the reasons for why some items needs to be rejected but seriously now, you can’t possibly tell me that you can reject items so easy without giving at least some basic explanations.I created 5 items.4 of them where rejected.Im here for quite some time now and is either Graphic River changed drastically or the reviewers don’t care much about how much work is involved in the creation of new designs.If all my items were rejected why I can see some seriously “bad” designs being accepted everyday?Is there a glitch on the review process or something?Its about how moody the reviewer is?Because,i honestly don’t understand anymore.Just,give a little hint when you reject an item.At least we will have some idea of what you need.That automated email just make things worst.


I am in same situation. My designs are getting rejected from last 15 days. Is there a glitch on the review process or something?:pensive:

hey cheer up guys , your next items will be hard rejected … this is how it works here lol u complain bang , hard rejection! lol it happened to me yesterday again …

Idk Nico…I’m not saying I’m great but I seriously doubt the review process now.Is not like I’m earning a ton of money here but I do like to get my work seriously.I’m not here to lose reviewers time but I expect the same thing from them to.I do this for almost 6 years on Graphic River and I had rejections but not like this.One after the other.I try to get the best work I can but for 60-70$ earned here per month and with this now I think is time for me to stop waisting my time.I can’t work for hours on something, making thumbnails, previews,upload,keyword,despription…etc just to be at the mercy of a reviewer.If is truly the case that Envato rises the quality of the items they allow then show us by not accepting a ton of items that looks like they made in the 90’s.Then I will believe that my work is not good enough for GR.And yes, maybe I will make some enemies by telling this but if only they could give a little reason for why the item gets rejected then me and Envato wins by not losing time for nothing.

Hey Nico… you were right. 3 flyer got rejected today lol.

but this is not proving anything buddy it depends on what are the concerned items … lol :slight_smile: pls show us and i will tell u how i feel about them :slight_smile:

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