Items Hard-Rejected Within Minutes of Submission - What's going on?

Hi guys,

Something strange is going on. Yesterday and today I submitted 3 new items to Graphic River and all of them were hard-rejected within few minutes of me uploading them. That’s not even enough time to open the files I submitted! No feedback provided, as usual. So these items were not actually reviewed. Has anyone else experienced anything like this?

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yes, this happens at times. They keep on reviewing and suddenly when you upload they just give it a quick look. If you are a new author and your item is too much common to the other ones they instantly rejects it. Try uploading something unique at the first side, then when you will be having a bunch of items on envato. They will consider accepting almost all of ur items if they are perfect :slight_smile:

Yes Bro, I also face the same problem, my 9 items were reject within half an hour… i really dont know what’s going on…

Thank you for all your responses. At least I know now I am not alone, and there’s a few things I could do reduce the chance of rejection.