6 items instantly hard rejected?

Hey guys hope you are all well, ive been on GR for a few years and recently started reuploading, ive had a couple of flyers accepted recently but ive just had 6 emails all at the same time all being hard rejects, 1 was 16 days waiting time and the last one was like 3 days old, are the reviewers actually reviewing the items? I understand its probably busy with uploads but to have 6 hard reject emails come through in the space of minutes seems abit crazy to me?

I understand there is 1000s of print templates on GR but to have 6 rejected that quick is a little bit disheartening lol

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I have joined this community just couple of months ago, have some items sold. But I can say that things aren’t going so well as before. Authors are getting hard rejections right and left after waiting for a long time, no matter how good the quality is.

In my experience, one of the items in my portfolio was hard-rejected by the first reviewer, but got it approved by another reviewer after re-submitting it and it also sold a few times. So, I think we authors are in the shadows of negligence.

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Yeh i feel like ive just been ‘select all > hard reject’ lol i do think a couple of them wasn’t in CMYK mode so im gonna try and resubmit and see what happens

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I would like to know what is the reason for not passing the review? Just telling me to be “rejected” doesn’t make me better


Yeh it would be nice to have a reason but maybe its cause of the 1000s of uploads they receive on a daily basis, im really unsure but a few years ago the process seemed to be alot better.

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Many reasons - party the sheer volume of submissions (Most of which are rejected)

With respect to everyone, best practice gets approved and it’s not envato’s job to teach people how to design or code

There’s no point in giving basic feedback as if authors miss the stuff in the first place then they probably won’t be able to action effectively something like “poor typography”

If they think they fixed it but still not good enough then the frustration will be even worse

I thought this to be fair, Would they just reject straight away for something like if the template isn’t in CMYK format?

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Im not sure about CMYK format but if for example there’s no documentation or some other basics then this can lead to autmatic rejection

Ok thank you, i think its all about finding your niche really, when i was uploading years ago a certain style was selling well, im finding that now its changed a touch, im gonna keep at it and see what happens

How can I contact them for this information? I emailed and posted on the forum, but no one responded to me except you

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